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Portable Cofferdam In Alabama

Portable Cofferdam In Alabama

Portable Cofferdam In Alabama

All along the Eastern United States, the coastline continues to be battered by hurricanes, flooding, and other water intrusion emergencies. In light of recent storms and the constant increase in violent flooding, there has never been a more adequate time to consider a cofferdam for the construction industry or for home protection in Alabama. What is a portable cofferdam? How can it help? Read on to find out.

What Is A Cofferdam?

A cofferdam is a man-made watertight structure that can be used to pump water out from a flooded area or body of water. Cofferdams are primarily used in the construction industry for things like bridge building/repair, construction of permanent dams, or controlling water flow in sensitive areas. Many older cofferdams were made of steel, wood, or concrete. However, the cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams are portable and constructed from a flexible and inflatable polyurethane-like material. These portable cofferdams feature several benefits over permanent structures. Cofferdams are incredibly versatile, and inflatable dams can often be used for the following:

  • Construction In Water Intrusive Areas
  • Flood Prevention
  • Ecological Recovery
  • Containing Oil Or Other Hazardous Material Spills
  • Oil Platform Repair And Construction
  • Bridge Repair And Construction

Benefits Of A Portable Cofferdam in Alabama

Portability and reusability are two of the best features of a cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams. But what makes them better than a permanent fixture?

  1. Portable Cofferdams Can Be Reused – When you construct a cofferdam and permanently install it into a location, it can take days to install and require significant equipment alongside labor costs.
  2. They Can Be Installed Quickly And With A Small Crew – A portable cofferdam takes only a few hours to install and inflate. Additionally, only a small crew of around five for larger dams, is required to place a portable cofferdam at your Alabama site.
  3. Inflatable Cofferdams Are Modular- While an inflatable cofferdam must be sized out correctly for a particular site, it can be connected using our proprietary connection collar system to form a more substantial barrier that can stretch a river’s entire width if needed.
  4. They Are Safe – Portable cofferdams in Alabama are incredibly heavy when inflated with water and have little chance of breaking, thanks to the strength of materials used in their construction. While it is recommended not to work directly next to the barrier, they are relatively safe and can save workers from excess flooding.
  5. Portable Cofferdams Have The Best Environmental Protections – A permanent or semi-permanent cofferdam will almost always have a ripple effect on the natural environment it is placed within. Concrete and steel can degrade over time and pollute waterways, while permanent structures are difficult to remove and pose a flooding risk. Portable cofferdams are usually immune from most of these drawbacks as they are safe to use in water and can be quickly disassembled in the case of an emergency or when work is complete.

Should You Consider A Portable Cofferdam From DamItDams?

If you work in the construction industry or are located near a notable flood-prone area of Alabama, you may need a portable cofferdam. Whether you are battling with only a few inches of water intrusion or need a dam over 12′ tall, we have it all at Dam-It-Dams. We will work with you to measure and provide the perfect-sized cofferdam for your project. Don’t want to purchase and only need the dam for a single job? Don’t worry; dams of all sizes are available for rent and can be used once or for multiple projects at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Contact our team today by phone at 810-695-1695 or online using our free cofferdam quote form.

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