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Portable Cofferdam in Georgia

Portable Cofferdam in Georgia

Portable Cofferdam in Georgia

A portable cofferdam in Georgia is an essential piece of equipment if your project requires a dry work site, and the presence of water is an issue. Portable cofferdams in Georgia have a flexible design that allows you to create a custom layout around your project area and can easily be installed and used within flowing waters.

Your Dewatering Solution is a Portable Cofferdam in Georgia

There are several projects that can be made easier to complete by the use of a portable cofferdam on your Georgia property. Here is a list of some of the most common applications:

  • Boat ramps, bridge, dams and other river crossings
  • Canals and culverts
  • Diversion pipes and pipeline construction
  • Sediment control and shoreline restoration
  • The repair and maintenance of pools and water parks
  • Protection against flooding

One other benefit of a portable cofferdam in Georgia is that it leaves the subsurface undisturbed. They also provide a quick installation opportunity, which is particularly useful if you are working in fluctuating water levels.

Portable cofferdams are also very cost-effective, especially when compared to possible alternatives such as sandbags, and cofferdams made of concrete or steel. Also, unlike steel, a portable cofferdam in Georgia will not corrode because of being constantly in contact with water.

Environmental Factors Make a Portable Cofferdam in Georgia the Correct Choice for Most Uses

A portable cofferdam in Georgia has only a minimal impact on the local environment, no matter whether it is used to divert water, as a dam, dewater an area, protect again potential flooding or be used as a temporary water storage facility. Because installation is so quick and simple, the impact on any surrounding areas is minimal as well. Compare the installation of a portable cofferdam in Georgia to the transportation and position of hundreds or even thousands of sandbags.

The same goes for when your need for a portable cofferdam in Georgia has been successfully completed. The removal of a portable cofferdam is just as simple as the installation – just deflate it, roll it up and then remove it. This is a much less back breaking process than removing a constructed concrete or steel structure or arranging the removal and safe disposal of a large number of sandbags.

If you want to learn more about how a portable cofferdam in Georgia can work for you, then please contact us here at Dam-It-Dams. We have over two decades’ worth of experience, providing portable water-filled cofferdams for successful projects all over the United States. To get in contact with us, call us at 1-810-695-1695, or contact us through our online contact form.

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