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Portable Dam in Arkansas

Portable Dam in Arkansas

Contractor Looking Over Portable Dam in Arkansas

A portable dam in Arkansas offers a method of controlling the flow of water that is easy to set up and easy to deploy. Such a portable dam in Arkansas can be deployed with much less manpower and much less effort than, for example, sandbags. Did you know that it takes around 750 sandbags to do the same job that a single cofferdam can do? That’s pretty impressive!

There are countless uses for a portable cofferdam in Arkansas including the dewatering of construction sites, temporary damming solutions, the control of hazardous leaks and spillages and protection against flooding.

Deploying a Portable Dam in Arkansas is a Relatively Simple Process

There are many advantageous aspects to a portable dam in Arkansas. The first and foremost is probably that the resource required to inflate it – water – is already usually present at the site at which the cofferdam is to be deployed. Compare this to sandbags that arrive on site empty and have to be filled. The sand used to fill them has to be transported to the site as well. This costs greatly in terms of both time and money.

The second most advantageous attribute of a portable dam in Arkansas is that it is completely, 100 percent reusable. Once the use for the dam has been completed, the water can be pumped out of it, it can be cleaned and rolled up and then placed in storage, ready for its next use.

Compare this to sandbags which once used, become hazardous items because of the contaminants they have been exposed to. This means that they simply cannot just be ‘emptied’ and then thrown away. They must be disposed of safely in line with legal requirements. This adds to the cost and the time associated with the use of sandbags.

Using a portable dam in Arkansas has all the advantages over the use of traditional solutions, such as sandbags. In fact, we can safely say that the use of a portable dam in Arkansas over sandbags is a complete no brainer!

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