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Portable Dam in South Carolina

Portable Dam in South Carolina

Portable Dam in South Carolina

Portable damming solutions have quickly become an essential tool in the inventories of construction companies and property owners seeking to protect their work and homes from water intrusion. But what can residents or company owners in South Carolina expect from a portable dam from Dam-It-Dams? Read on below to learn more, and be sure to check out our comprehensive blog articles for everything you need to know about inflatable cofferdams and their many uses.

Who Is Dam-It-Dams?

Based in Grand Blanc, MI, Jack Nichols founded Dam-It-Dams after over thirty years in the construction industry. For over two decades, we have offered eco-friendly damming solutions far superior to traditional cofferdams, all in the interest of protecting the environment and workers and providing quality products nationwide. We are happy to ship anywhere in the US, including South Carolina and areas most affected by water intrusion.

What Is A Portable Dam?

Portable dams, also called inflatable cofferdams or aqua dams, are a versatile solution to the problem of water intrusion in construction. A portable dam can be used as a flooding barrier, or an essential tool for shoreline restoration projects. Made from a flexible geotextile material, they are incredibly durable temporary structures that can be tailored to fit any situation, whether large or small. Our portable dams are specially constructed with internal baffle systems to evenly distribute weight and provide a waterproof barrier to protect your project, workers, equipment, or property.

The Many Benefits Of A Portable Dam Vs. Traditional Damming Methods

  • Portability: As it is part of the title, a portable dam comes with the benefit of being able to be moved between various sites or be used in several locations at the same construction site. Thanks to their inflatable design, once the water is pumped out of the dam, it can be removed and hauled away on a standard truck, requiring minimal equipment and crews to take it down.
  • Quick Setup And Takedown: The average time to set up an inflatable cofferdam is just a few hours, compared to the days or weeks it can take to construct a traditional dam. Additionally, there is no need for complex construction equipment or large teams of people to deconstruct them, with portable dam removal taking just as short of a time as it’s set up.
  • The Eco-Friendly Choice: Unlike sandbags, concrete, or even earthen barriers, a portable dam doesn’t require materials that can contaminate waterways or cause significant ecological disturbances. In fact, a portable dam is recyclable!
  • Versatility In Size And Depth: Portable dams can be used where waters are only a few inches deep, up to 10+ feet, depending on surrounding circumstances. Additionally, they can be connected, allowing for protection that covers a small area or spans the width of an entire river.
  • Cost Savings: Finally, portable dams save you money and time. There is no need to use expendable materials, as once you purchase an inflatable cofferdam, that is all you will ever need for damming.

Potential Uses For Portable Cofferdams In South Carolina

  • Flooding Protection
  • Construction On Or Near Waterways
  • Dredging
  • Bridge Repair And Construction
  • Canal Or Culvert Repair And Construction
  • Boat Ramp Construction
  • Pipeline Installation And Repair

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