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5 Reasons to Choose Dam-It Dams, Inc.

Dam-It Dams is a World Class and Award-Winning leader of innovative solutions for dewatering a project area and/or diverting or damming water to enable a project's initiation and completion.

Our portable Cofferdam systems are:

  • Adaptable - they conform to virtually every type of landscape and weather condition
  • Affordable - they are less labor intensive than traditional sand bags, use on-site water and are reusable
  • Durable - they are made of industrial strength geotextile materials that can withstand tremendous water pressure and are puncture resistent
  • Expandable - multiple Cofferdams can be connected as needed to form any length barrier
  • Immediately Available - in heights of 1' to 12', widths of 2' to 23' and unlimited lengths

Although the types of applications are virtually limitless, the most common applications are:

  • Boat Ramp Repairs
  • Bridge Repairs
  • Dredging
  • Environmental Protection and/or Remediation
  • Flood Control and/or Protection
  • River Crossings
  • River and Canal Flow Control
  • Shoreline Protection and/or Restoration
  • Spillways
  • Wetland Protection
Environmentally Superior

Our Cofferdams use on-site water to fill dual inner tubes that allow the dam's chambers to slowly and evenly inflate, forming a strong, stable cylindrical barrier. As the inner tubes fill and water pressure builds, the dam unrolls in a controlled manner to create the Cofferdam.

Because our Cofferdams work with Mother Nature, not against her, they create effective water barriers that leave no - or only a minimal - footprint on the environment. And when the project is done, the dam is easily drained and rolled up for return or transport to another project site.

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Thomson Mills Dam-It-Dams Installation

DamitDams has successfully worked with The US Army Corps of Engineers, The Department of Transportation and leading engineering firms through out the United States and internationally to solve complex dewatering and water containment problems. With current worldwide weather and climate changes causing water to move unpredictably and a need for flood control - the speed in which DamitDams can be installed make it indispensable for emergency situations.

Thank you so much for saving our nature center. The community as well as all of us at TPWD is very grateful for all you have done and continue to do. The wife of one of our State Representatives came out today to see it and commented on what a blessing it is for this community. It was also the leading story this week in our employee newsletter that goes out to all parks and wildlife divisions with Dam It Dams.

Other DamitDams water-barrier applications:

Wetland Management

Chemical Spills

Flood Barriers

Boat Ramp Dewatering

Pipeline Crossings


Fish Habitat

Water Storage

Bridge Pier Repair


Haz-Mat Contamination

Pond Liner Repair

De-Watering Construction Sites

Create Foot Causeway

In Environment Sensitive Areas

Environmental Remediation