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4 Tips When Installing a Temporary Cofferdam

4 Tips When Installing a Temporary Cofferdam

If you want an efficient, effective, environmentally-friendly means of providing a solution to water intrusion, flood protection, damming or water storage then a temporary cofferdam is what you need. A temporary cofferdam is a non-permanent structure that is used to create a barrier in order to control the flow of water. Here at Dam-It-Dams we supply water-filled cofferdams, and we’re going to share with you four tips you need to take notice of that will help you install your cofferdam successfully.

Remove Debris from the Dewatering Site

Although your water dam has a sturdy outer layer capable of withstanding high levels of water pressure, it is still susceptible to puncturing by sharp objects just like the tires on your automobile. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of a puncture or damage, you must take time to remove all sharp objects from your site, including rocks and tree roots for example. A puncture in an awkward spot when a water-filled cofferdam is in place can be very difficult to repair.

Hire Experienced Contractors to Get Your Cofferdam into Position

A water-filled cofferdam is so easy to install that you may be tempted to attempt the installation yourself, but often it is much better to use the services of experienced contractors. Not only will they have the skills to position your cofferdam just where you need it, they will have the appropriate tools too to finish the installation quickly and without mishap.

Work Out Which Type of Installation Your Project Needs

There are three general types of environments where cofferdams are installed. The first type is on dry land where water is going to be added or the barrier is designed to act as flooding protection. The second is where water is already present but is static such as a lake or a marina. The third is where water is already present but is in motion such as a river or a canal.

By determining which type of installation you require, you can work out the best way for your cofferdam to be installed.

Acquire Your Temporary Water-filled Cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams!

Our final tip is the most important one – when it comes to purchasing your water-filled cofferdam you need to consult with the best in the business, and that’s us here at Dam-It-Dams. To start the process of buying a temporary water-filled cofferdam, contact us at 1-810-695-1695 or online using our contact form.

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