Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

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Reviving Aging Bridges: How Inflatable Cofferdams Facilitate Efficient and Cost-Effective Repairs

Bridge Repairs

With aging infrastructure becoming increasingly common throughout the United States, there has never been a more crucial time for wide-ranging bridge repairs. However, such endeavors can be dangerous, costly, and potentially impact the environment negatively. Yet, inflatable cofferdams can help. How so? Read on to find out. Inflatable Cofferdams Offer Unique Versatility And Safety When …

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Revolutionizing Bridge Construction: The Role of Inflatable Cofferdams in Safer, Faster, and More Cost-Effective Projects

Water Inflated Cofferdam Used for Bridge Construction

While bridges have been an essential tool for humanity worldwide, their construction has often been plagued by safety concerns, overwhelming costs, potential for environmental damage, and long-term investments that take more work to justify financially. However, inflatable cofferdams have transformed how bridge projects are approached and conducted. Inflatable cofferdams are the way to go for …

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Inflatable Cofferdams vs. Traditional Cofferdams: A Comparative Analysis

Water Inflated Cofferdam

Cofferdams have been an essential part of construction and environmental protection for centuries. The first use of what we would consider a cofferdam is likely over 2500 years old and existed in the ancient empire of Persia. However, we have moved on from those ancient building practices. In the second millennium, there is a revolutionary …

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How Businesses Can Prepare for Potential Flooding

Flooded Street Sign

With over 40% of the population of the US located near the coast and upwards of 80% near a sizable body of water and experiencing more drastic weather conditions than ever before, no matter where you live, your business may suffer from the potential danger of flooding. So, what can you do in the event …

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How Boat Ramp Construction Benefits From Inflatable Cofferdams

Water Inflated Cofferdam for Boat Ramp Construction

When constructing a boat ramp, one constant needs to be removed. That constant is water. Water adds complications to any construction project, and when working near a river, lake, or coastal area, you will need a way to control it. That is where an inflatable cofferdam can come in handy. Inflatable cofferdams are temporary barriers …

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