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Aqua Dams In Maryland

Aqua Dams In Maryland

Water intrusion, specifically saltwater encroaching on wetlands, is a crucial problem in Maryland that represents an increasingly more significant threat to construction and ecological environments within the coastline. With around 10% of the state qualifying as wetlands alongside the massive rivers of the Potomac, the Patapsco, and the Patuxent, even inland Maryland suffers from water intrusion. Flooding, water intrusion prevention, and the invasion of seawater will continue to grow as a concern for as long as cities continue to expand and displace vulnerable water sources. However, aqua dams in Maryland can help alleviate these problems and make construction sites safer to continue expansion with minimal ecological impact.

The Essential Need For Water Control Using Aqua Dams

While more permanent options are the standard water control method, unpredictable weather and flooding can be erratic. Temporary aqua dams can bring relief from water intrusion to construction or private property owners. The following are several situations that an aqua dam may be helpful in Maryland:

Aqua Dams In Maryland
Aqua Dam In Maryland
  1. Construction on or near bodies of water is the most common use of portable cofferdams.
    • Bridge construction and repairs.
    • Excavation into underground water sources.
    • Dredging operations in bays, rivers, and other intrusive areas.
  2. Public works installations, maintenance, and processing, including the following locations.
    • Water and sewage treatment plants.
    • Saltwater processing plants.
    • Temporary water retention.
    • Relief for permanent dams.
  3. Ecological cleanups after industrial spills or intentional adulteration of large bodies of water.
  4. Any instance of private property protection and river maintenance.
    • Property protection in the event of flash flooding and hurricanes.
    • Diversion of natural water sources for personal construction efforts.

How Maryland Aqua Dams Work

A portable aqua dam is a watertight structure constructed of industrial-strength geo-textile materials like vinyl-coated polyester that surrounds an inner tube made of woven geo-textile material. Inflatable cofferdams utilize the same water they block as means of inflation to create a heavy and potent barrier that can be constructed to withstand hundreds of tons of pressure from the sea or river being plugged.

Dam-It-Dams aqua dams are all custom created to fit any situation, large or small. While aqua dams require a flat, solid foundation free of sharp rocks, they can be placed in almost any terrain when properly installed. Yet, despite their massive versatility, inflatable dams do not require the same large crews and complex equipment as other damming options, such as steel or concrete. A temporary water barrier can be set up with a team as small as five, with only a few additional crew on larger or more complex situations.

Aqua Dams – The Best Option For The Environment

With the current push of ecologically minimalistic construction efforts, a portable aqua dam is one of the best eco-friendly options for water intrusion control. Due to their temporary nature, inflatable aqua dams are quicker to set up and take down than any other option. Steel barriers can take a significant effort and time to construct and are often left to deteriorate slowly rather than be removed promptly, disrupting the natural flow of water and impacting local wildlife. Furthermore, aqua dams from Dam-It-Dams do not contain any pollutants that other materials may inject into water sources. Finally, an inflatable cofferdam can be crafted to specific dimensions, allowing minimal intrusion while maintaining maximum water retention for your Maryland property.

Trust Dam-It-Dams For All Your Maryland Aqua Dam Needs

Servicing most of the US, Dam-It-Dams is available in Maryland, and we are here to provide the expert support you need in any circumstance. Call us today for a consultation and quote before starting your next project. Don’t need or want a permanent aqua dam purchase? Cofferdams of all sizes are available for rental as well as purchase. Give us a call at 810-695-1695 for a free cofferdam quote.

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