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Aqua Dams in Michigan

Aqua Dams in Michigan

Black Aqua Dam Inflated with Water in Michigan

Aqua dams in Michigan are temporary, water-filled cofferdams designed to control and divert water or act as flood control or protection. Aqua dams in Michigan typically consist of two inner tubes that are completely watertight, woven within a sturdy and impenetrable outer sleeve. When used, aqua dams in Michigan are inflated with water, creating a lightweight but sturdy and impenetrable water barrier to control external water sources.

Why You Should Use Aqua Dams in Michigan for Water Containment or Flood Control

For many decades, sandbags have been the go-to method for people looking to contain water or use them as a type of flooding protection. For several reasons, Aqua dams in Michigan are now the better solution. Indeed, Aqua dams in Michigan are the better solution than all other alternatives, including steel sheet pile dams and installations constructed from earth, gravel, stone, or rock. Some negative aspects of water intrusion or flood control solutions that are not aqua dams in Michigan include the following:

  • Negative environmental impact – constructing a dam from steel, earth, gravel, stone, or rock or transporting many sandbags to a site will severely impact the area. Cleaning up after the project has concluded will be costly and time-consuming too. Aqua dams in Michigan make much less of an impact on the environment, and the post-project clean-up is a simple process.
  • Noise pollution – if your construction is near a highly-populated area, then people close to the project are likely to complain if noise pollution is an issue. You will likely be required to follow legal noise pollution guidelines too. Installing a semi-permanent dam or transporting hundreds or even thousands of sandbags creates a great deal of noise pollution. Using aqua dams in Michigan will generate much less noise.
  • Seepage and sediment leakage – One of the main issues with solutions that are not aqua dams is that they are never genuinely watertight. Seepage is a common problem, and seepage will allow sediment and other contaminants to enter the water, which can cause significant problems, especially in dynamic water sources. Aqua dams in Michigan create an impenetrable barrier, so seepage and sediment leakage are never problems.
  • Slow, expensive installation – if you are creating a barrier out of steel, earth, gravel, stone, or rock for your construction project, then the construction of your barrier becomes a construction project in itself. This is the most expensive way of dealing with water intrusion issues, not only in dollars but in terms of man-hours and labor costs. The installation of aqua dams is a quick and inexpensive installation process, no matter if you are installing on dry land or in static or dynamic water.

The installation of aqua dams in Michigan is such a simple process that all you need are two portable pumps, a source of water (which is easy if you are working in or close to a source of water), and a crew of at least two people depending upon the size of the installation. Because aqua dams in Michigan are so flexible, they can be molded to fit most surfaces and applications, making them ideal for a wide range of flood control and water diversion needs.

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