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Water-Filled Cofferdams In North Carolina

Water-Filled Cofferdams In North Carolina

Water-Filled Cofferdams In North Carolina

Water-filled cofferdams, also called inflatable or temporary cofferdams, are versatile and effective water control methods that can be of exceptional use in the coastal state of North Carolina. Whether you need a dam for water control, construction, or flood protection, Dam-It-Dams cofferdams are the most effective solution for any project. Read on below to find out how a water-filled cofferdam can help alleviate any water-related headaches.

What Is A Water-Filled Cofferdam?

Water-filled cofferdams are a feat of modern engineering, and despite their wide breadth of uses and rising popularity, their structure is deceptively simple. Like any innertube, like a car or bike tire, the water-filled cofferdam is a hollow structure made of durable geotextile material. However, unlike other common innertubes, a cofferdam is inflated by the water it blocks, creating a solid barrier against rivers and bays or as a deterrent for flooding. The inside of a cofferdam is regulated by baffles, again using water instead of air, and it can be inflated to retain waters as deep as ten or more feet. Furthermore, the inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams are incredibly durable, able to withstand thousands of pounds of force from water while maintaining a puncture-resistant exterior.

Water Filled Cofferdams Are The Ultimate Hurricane Deterrent

Despite its relatively small size compared to other hurricane-prone states, North Carolina is one of the top three states in the US battered by adverse weather year-over-year. Trailing behind the hurricane capital of Florida and the Gulf state of Texas, North Carolina is a target for any hurricane heading north. So how can a cofferdam help?

While an inflatable cofferdam, and even much larger dikes or levees, may fail in the face of an unprecedented storm surge, they are one of the best options for flood protection. An inflatable cofferdam can be placed atop embankments or within lowland areas to help mitigate floodwaters and bolster defenses that may otherwise not be adequate for a storm. If you are a land owner, a cofferdam can be erected in just a couple of hours, allowing for a quick response and a far more rapid alternative to the traditional sandbags that can take days of back-breaking work to reach the same level as an inflatable cofferdam. This can bring peace of mind and a sense of security, that even in the worst of situations, your property will have some protection if you are forced to evacuate the area due to storms.

Cofferdams For Construction In North Carolina

Due to its coastal nature and the seven major rivers that act as arteries of trade in North Carolina, most large cities and suburban areas in the state are near some water source. Whether it’s a river, underground water, or a flooded section of land, there is a high chance that any construction in the state will encounter the problem of water intrusion. A water filled cofferdam can help make any work site safer by giving you a dry area to work. Water-filled cofferdams are specially designed to straddle river sections or block a flow of water entirely, allowing construction and repair to commence quickly. Dam-It-Dams cofferdams can be custom-made to fit almost any situation. Then, after work has finished, you can deflate the dam, roll it up, and pack it away for your next project.

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