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Water Filled Cofferdams in Texas

Water Filled Cofferdams in Texas

Water Filled Cofferdams in Texas

At Dam-It-Dams, we’re a top provider of water filled cofferdams in the Texas area. Whether you’re looking to divert or dam water, our solutions will help you to accomplish these tasks quickly, efficiently and economically. Our water filled cofferdams offer a number of unique advantages compared to many other dewatering solutions currently on the market.

Unique Water Filled Cofferdam Technology from Dam-It-Dams 

Our unique and portable water filled cofferdams feature a number of unique technological benefits that have been welcomed by our many customers. Our water filled cofferdams in Texas feature water inflated dual inner tubes that are filled slowly and evenly to create a strong cylindrical barrier. This is a much more efficient way to create a cofferdam compared to steel filled options which are much more labor intensive to install and break down.

Environmentally Friendly Water Filled Cofferdams in Texas 

Because our water filled cofferdams are inflatable and easy to maneuver and setup, they provide little if any footprint on the environment. After a project is complete, the water filled cofferdams can be drained and rolled up for storage or to be used again on another project.

Key Attributes of Texas Water Filled Cofferdams

Portable water filled cofferdams offer a number of unique advantages compared to steel built dams, a few of which include:

  • Highly Durable – Our water inflated cofferdams use industrial geo-textile materials that are able to withstand high water pressure and are also puncture resistant.
  • Expandable – Using our proprietary connection collar, you can connect water inflated cofferdams to form any length barrier.
  • Portable – Easily drain your cofferdams and roll them up to be used at another location.
  • Expert Consultation – If you’re unsure of how to properly install our water filled cofferdams, we offer consultation services where we can discuss your project with you over the phone, or in certain circumstances we can come on location to work with your team to ensure the water filled cofferdams are installed properly. We’ve provided this type of consultation to customers here in Texas as well as all across the country.

Reach Out to Dam-It-Dams for a Free Cofferdam Quote

If you’re ready to learn more about our water filled cofferdams, don’t hesitate to reach out to our company today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and come up with a free cofferdam quote so that you can ensure your next project goes off without a hitch. Call us today at 810-695-1695 to learn more.

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