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Aqua Dams in South Carolina

Aqua Dams in South Carolina

Man Walking Near Aqua Dams in South Carolina

Aqua dams, or inflatable cofferdams, are modern damming options that provide versatility, reusability, and environmentally friendly damming for the construction industry and personal property owners. Useful for several construction, repair, and flood protection projects, they are essential for anyone encountering water intrusion or working in wetland areas like those that blanket much of South Carolina. While aqua dams are limited in their depth, reaching a maximum of about 12 feet, as nearly 90% of wetlands and riverside areas of South Carolina are freshwater and inland, they can be used in almost every project, save those off the coastline.

Types Of Projects That Can Benefit From An Aqua Dam In South Carolina

There are hundreds of different uses for inflatable dams, but these are the most common you may come across in South Carolina:

  • Bridge Repair And Construction: Aqua dams are uniquely suited to bridge construction, as they can temporarily block waterways to create a dry workspace and be removed quickly, returning rivers or wetlands to normal in hours.
  • Boat Ramp Construction: As inflatable dams excel in shallower waters, lake, river, and coastal boat ramps are excellent small projects that can benefit immensely from an inflatable cofferdam over a traditional dam.
  • Environmental Protection: An aqua dam can create a temporary, short-term, or long-lasting barrier to protect areas in ecological danger for shoreline restoration and limiting coastal erosion. Moreover, thanks to their construction and ability to be recycled, they are the most eco-friendly damming option, leaving nothing behind when removed from a work site.
  • Flooding Safeguard: South Carolina is uniquely unlucky as flooding can be a common problem, especially during hurricane season. For construction companies and personal property owners, an aqua dam can protect your investments from rising floodwaters and storm surges, with the unique ability to be configured to any shape to form around a specific area while allowing the waters to flow around the barrier.
  • Offsite Water Storage
  • Dredging Projects
  • Temporary Crossing Construction

How Aqua Dams Work

Inflatable cofferdams are constructed of a puncture-resistant geotextile material that encases an internal baffle system inflated via water pumped inside the hollow tube. They are uniquely efficient because the water they remove or block can inflate the aqua dam, removing the need to store or replace the water after use. Additionally, inflatable dams from Dam-It-Dams can be coupled together quickly, making them flexible for covering large areas or deconstructed for smaller projects.

Are Aqua Dams Safe?

Are they safe? This is a common question we are asked about our aqua dams. Indeed, inflatable cofferdams are some of the safest damming options for the construction industry due to several factors, including the following:

  1. Aqua dams are puncture resistant and create an excellent seal, so long as any large rocks and debris are removed from the area under the cofferdam.
  2. They only take a few hours to set up and take down and require a small crew, limiting worker exposure to dangerous conditions, a common concern for other damming options.
  3. The dry work areas inflatable cofferdams create can be counted on to provide a safe site for construction, ecological protection work, or any other situation you may require their use.

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