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Aqua Dams in Texas

Aqua Dams in Texas

Contractors Installing Aqua Dams in Texas

Aqua dams in Texas are temporary water-filled barriers which are also known as water-inflated cofferdams. Aqua dams in Texas usually consist of flexible, watertight inner tubes enclosed within a sturdy and resilient outer sleeve. To create an impenetrable barrier, the dual inner tubes are slowly inflated by having water pumped into them. When fully inflated, aqua dams in Texas provide an effective solution to issues where water is in place where it is not desired. They can be used to create a dry working environment for a construction project, to provide a temporary water storage facility, or as protection against potential flooding.

Aqua Dams Texas Provide the Ideal Solution to Any Number of Water Intrusion Issues

The go-to solution for water intrusion issues has been for many years the use of sandbags. Sandbags though have become less of an effective solution for water intrusion in recent years compared to the available alternatives. Sandbags are expensive and inconvenient, and you need to use hundreds of sandbags to match the scope that a single water-inflated cofferdam can achieve. The installation of hundreds of sandbags takes an enormous amount of time and back-breaking labor.

In addition, once used sandbags cannot be reused. Once they have come into contact with water the sand will solidify and become contaminated. This means they have to be disposed of in line with legal environmental guidelines. You cannot simply throw sandbags away and forget about them!

Compare this to the convenience of aqua dams in Texas. Such dams are incredibly easy to install – just put into place and inflate. They are also easy to remove – all you need to do is pump the water out of them until they are fully deflated. Once cleaned, aqua dams in Texas can be placed into storage. If treated with care, aqua dams in Texas can be used many times over, so if you have purchased a water-inflated cofferdam then you will find that it will pay for itself many times over!

Solve all Your Problems with Water Intrusion Issues with Aqua Dams in Texas

You can purchase or rent aqua dams in Texas right from the team here at Dam-It-Dams. We are the US’s leading provider and an award-winner for the design and implementation of innovative solutions for water intrusion, including water-filled cofferdams. Our aqua dams are friendly to the environment, reusable and supremely cost effective.

To learn more about aqua dams in Texas, contact Dam-It-Dams today. You are welcome to contact us at any time by phone at 810-694-1695, or through our online contact form

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