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Water Filled Cofferdams in Michigan

Water Filled Cofferdams in Michigan

Water filled cofferdams in Michigan 

If you’re in need of any type of de-watering equipment, you may or may not be familiar with water filled cofferdams in Michigan. At Dam-It-Dams, we’re big fans of water filled cofferdams for a whole host of reasons. Should you be on the fence about whether to invest in a steel-built dam, or a portable water filled cofferdam, be sure to chat with one of our team members to truly understand the many benefits of choosing a water filled option.

Primary Applications of Water Filled Cofferdams in Michigan

There are a number of different applications for water filled cofferdams, many of which you’re likely already familiar with. Our commercial and municipal clients most often use our water filled cofferdams for the following:

  • Water Barrier During Construction Projects
  • Water Storage (ex. California wildfires)
  • Dock Installation
  • Fracking
  • Flood Protection
  • Contain Contaminants During Oil Spills
  • River Diversions
  • Divert Waste at Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Dredging

Why Partner With Dam-It-Dams for Water Filled Cofferdams? 

When it comes to high quality water filled cofferdams in the Michigan area, Dam-It-Dams stands head and shoulders above the other competitors for many reasons, a few of which include:

  • Portability – Unlike steel-built cofferdams, water filled cofferdams are portable and can be reused again and again, provided that they’re installed correctly.
  • Experience – At Dam-It-Dams, we have decades of experience in the cofferdam industry. All of our water filled cofferdams are built to withstand the harsh Michigan weather, while never faltering in their focus to get the job done right the first time.
  • Invaluable Consulting – When you work with Dam-It-Dams you’re not only purchasing our high quality water filled cofferdams in Michigan, but you’re also gaining access to our extensive consulting services. We’ll work with you to determine best practices for your unique application and if necessary, we can even fly in some of our personnel to help supervise the installation of the water filled cofferdams at your location.
  • Fast Installation – Portable cofferdams can be quickly installed and deconstructed to ensure you’re not wasting unnecessary time and labor.

Reach Out Today to Learn More About Michigan Water Filled Cofferdams

If you’re convinced that water filled cofferdams could be beneficial for your Michigan project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today. We’re based right here in Michigan, so we know the constraints that you experience when it comes to braving the constant weather changes in the area. Give us a call today at 810-695-1695 to learn first-hand just how valuable water filled cofferdams can be for your organization.

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