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Autumn in Michigan and Winterization Prep

Autumn in Michigan and Winterization Prep

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One of the most beautiful sights to see in Michigan is the Autumn.

There’s nothing quite like the sights and scents and sounds. The feelings that fill Michiganders with comfort, the memories of childhood fall, the beauty of the landscape are all inescapable as fall approaches. The greenery changes to vibrant oranges, yellows, reds, and even complimentary browns as leaves transform and tumble and twirl from the branches they once clung to, the leaves that have fallen to the ground then make the most satisfying crunch noise underfoot as you walk down the street, the chill and moisture in the air is refreshing, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, haunted houses, these are all things that fills one with contentment.

Unfortunately, all beauty comes with a price. Now, you also begin to think about dead leaves in the downspouts, fallen branches, raking, bugs, cold weather clothes, and all this spirals into thoughts of… winter.

With winter so close, it’s time to think of winterizing your home, because as an adult, the magic of the season is now lost on us. Preparing for frigid temperatures is an inner battle in-of-itself; The driving conditions, the freezing of pipes, the slush, the snow-melt. There’s never enough time to get prepared for everything that’s coming your way.

Fortunately, we can all prepare for the season in our own ways, based upon the consistent dangers of the area we live in. Some areas are more prone to snow-melt than others, and for these areas flooding can be and has proven in the past to be a cycle that can’t be broken. Snow falls to the ground, the sun melts it and produces sheets of ice, and if it heats up enough, this ice melts to water causing surface runoff and this runoff can cause flooding to your property if you’re not properly prepared.

In addition to other precautions taken in your home to weather-proof your residence or business, Dam-It Dams can help prevent the snow-melt runoff from becoming an issue and flooding for you.

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