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Basement Flooding

Basement Flooding

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Many residents are fortunate enough to not have to deal with flooding, but for those unfortunate few who have had to deal with the devastating aftermath of their belongings and structure being irreparably damaged, the word “flood” brings feelings of dread. Imagine converting your concrete walls and floor into a wonderful, comfortable, cozy living space, and the ground water rises and seeps through your (mostly) finished walls, demolishing your living space. With a cofferdam, none of this has to happen.

When it comes to basements, they aren’t finished if they aren’t flood-proofed and when it comes to flooding, there are means of protection and prevention even after a catastrophe takes place.


  1. Prevention is Key! Ensure that proper steps have been taken to divert water away from your property. Extend downspouts and clean your rain gutters regularly. Make sure the slope of your property is diverting water off the grounds. Install a check valve for sewage systems. Apply a healthy layer of mold killing primer and water-proof paint that will prevent future seepage from the ground through the walls into your home.
  2. Be Prepared for Floods! As the saying goes, it’s better to have something you don’t need than to need something you don’t have. Make sure to have a sump pump that is in working order, should you have a flood situation in the future. Verify that all electronics and their cords (in particular) and other belongings are up off of the floor. Invest in a backup generator or battery system. Look into flood protection insurance.
  3. Have a Plan! Make sure that your family and your belongings are safe by having an emergency plan for escape and a safe place to stay during the flood, should you need it.
  4. Secure your home perimeter with a Dam-It Dams Cofferdam. This is a step that can stop your home from flooding before it even happens!


Dam/Divert and Drain! Get that water out at the earliest sign of flooding, provided it is still safe to do so. This is where Dam-It Dams comes in. Our cofferdam systems are easy to use and can be rented or purchased, depending on your needs. The cofferdam setup is simple and running it requires minimal effort. By secluding the water to one area, placing a sump pump in the center of the pool and begin draining the excess water. After drying and cleaning has taken place, the aforementioned steps can be applied.

With the right preparation and equipment, flooding doesn’t have to be a disaster for your basement after all.

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