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Overhead view of Construction Project Using Water Inflated Cofferdam

Best Practices for Dewatering a Construction Site

What is dewatering? It draws water, slurry, and damp soil from a site or underground excavation area. Water intrusion and groundwater are crucial components that crews must remove from a construction site before, during, and sometimes even after you finish a construction project. Several methods can accomplish dewatering, each specific to the situation and type ...

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Steel Vs Inflatable Cofferdams

Why Are Inflatable Cofferdams Superior to Steel Cofferdams

Cofferdams are the best option for dewatering, flood protection, and creating a watertight environment for construction which would be impossible or incredibly dangerous without some barrier. Traditional cofferdams are permanent and made of materials such as steel or wood, while inflatable dams are portable and constructed of geotextile materials that offer industrial strength protection. While ...

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Top Down View of Heavy Equipment Working with Inflatable Cofferdam

Heavy Equipment Safety: Tips for Preventing Accidents and Injuries on Your Site

Preventable accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death on construction sites. Costing the industry millions each year and affecting the families of thousands of workers, such accidents can be mitigated by following certain practices and policies that will save lives. Here are a few of the most effective heavy equipment safety ...

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Inflatable Cofferdam View

The Advantages of Inflatable Cofferdams for Flood Control and Disaster Relief

Property damage, flooding of work sites, and destruction of infrastructure are some of the most prominent issues with flooding disasters. However, portable cofferdams can help mitigate risk and provide a protective force for structures and work for crews in a disaster scenario. An inflatable dam is the most environmentally friendly and accessible damming option to ...

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Portable Cofferdam in Use

Work Smart By Using Cost-Effective Inflatable Cofferdams

Whether you work on bridges, construction, or in any other field where water intrusion is likely, an inflatable cofferdam could be one of the essential pieces of equipment for your construction site. Cofferdams offer a low-cost and ecologically friendly alternative to traditional damming methods while being versatile enough to be deployed in emergencies. What Is ...

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Shipping on the River

Tips to Clean Oil Spills in Rivers

Oil spills are a hazard that affects marine life, can devastate ecosystems, poison drinking water supplies, and close down entire sections of rivers. While media outlets more widely cover larger spills on the coast, dozens of river spills have had similar or even more significant impacts on human and animal populations. River Oil Spills Aren’t ...

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Construction Workers Looking At Plans to Build Bridge

5 Safety Tips for Bridge Workers

Despite numerous advances in safety technology and new legislation for construction and repair workers, roadway and bridge work still needs to be improved. While workplace deaths have been reduced by nearly 2/3 since the post-WWII levels, there are still a staggering twelve deaths or significant injuries daily in the construction sector. How can you and ...

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Construction Team Talking to Each Other

Tips to Improve Productivity on the Job Site

Increasing productivity can be one of the most considerable challenges worksite managers will encounter regardless of the type of construction or industry they manage. Whether seeking to incentivize your clients with high efficiency or improve overall performance, you can implement these several tips to increase productivity. While you may already have executed some of these ...

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Workers Near Bridge and Water Using Water Inflated Cofferdam for Construction

Tips When Installing and Removing Inflatable Cofferdams

Inflatable cofferdams are among the most versatile, eco-friendly, and safest dewatering and flood protection options. When working in areas where water intrusion or flooding is a concern, a cofferdam can offer a safe and reliable source of protection for crews and equipment. However, as with any large construction tool, there are inherent dangers if misused. ...

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Water Inflated Cofferdam Next To Construction Project

New Year’s Resolution – Be Better Prepared for Flooding With Inflatable Cofferdams

Flooding is one of the most significant challenges facing our world today. No matter where you live. Whether in sunny Los Angles or the flood-prone lands of Florida, heavy rains and failing infrastructure can lead to dangerous amounts of water inundating dry areas. Inflatable cofferdams are a versatile and potent solution to flooding that can ...

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