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Reduce Construction Costs Near Water with Inflatable Cofferdams

Reduce Construction Costs Near Water with Inflatable Cofferdams

Construction on dry land is complicated enough, but add water to the mix, and it can become downright dangerous or impossible. That is where an inflatable cofferdam can come in and save the day. Safe, durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly temporary damming options are among the best ways to reduce construction costs and improve safety near water. Join us as we explore how an inflatable cofferdam can help save you money and perhaps even your life.

Reduce Environmental Impact And Possible Fines

While fines may be the cost of doing business for some, it is essential to consider your impact on the environment and how to best protect the natural order of things during and after completing construction. Inflatable cofferdams help preserve the environment around construction sites in several ways:

  • Topsoil Retention– Cofferdams help keep soil and earth from spilling into waterways and retain the residue of digging within the contained area.
  • Prevention Of Spillage– Many construction operations utilize hazardous materials in the process. Inflatable cofferdams can protect a water source from being inundated by toxic substances and limit the need for expensive environmental cleanups.
  • Protection Of Wildlife From Construction Equipment – Inflatable cofferdams can help to isolate the area where your crew is working to help reduce any impact on local wildlife.

Save Time And Money Over Permanent Structures

While using inflatable cofferdams for construction is nothing new, having roots in ancient building techniques, permanent structures are no longer necessary. Inflatable cofferdams are a temporary and easy-to-erect damming option that can be erected and taken down in just a few hours. Save yourself thousands on your next project using a temporary cofferdam rather than spending excessive time and money on a permanent structure. While there are certain situations where something like a cellular cofferdam may be superior, they are few and far between, as you can only economically justify such an expensive investment. For all jobs, big and small, an inflatable cofferdam is often the safer, cheaper, and quicker option.

Reduce The Likelihood Of Accidents

Not all construction operations require a cofferdam, even if your work occurs over water. However, it is a beneficial backup to customary practices in these instances. For example, you may be tempted to use scaffolding or an overhanging platform for bridge repairs. Still, it is easier to go up than down, and a cofferdam will allow you to plant equipment in a riverbed and work from the bottom up rather than the more dangerous alternative.

Reuse Cofferdams On Multiple Sites

The final money-saving method of using an inflatable cofferdam is the fact that it is reusable. So long as you deploy and pack the cofferdam properly, by using the right equipment and clearing the area beneath of debris, a cofferdam can be easily relocated to any number of work sites. When you finish with one location, deflate the dam, roll it up, and drive your inflatable cofferdam to the next work area. In a single purchase, you can cover several projects. Having an inventory of different-sized cofferdams means you can respond quickly without much set-up time and avoid the hassle of a laborious planning process.

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