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Immediately Available Inflatable Cofferdams for Emergencies

Immediately Available Inflatable Cofferdams for Emergencies

No matter how prepared you are, emergencies happen, and in the case of water intrusion, there is no better alternative to the inflatable cofferdams available at Dam-It-Dams. Rental dams are available now to help with your flooding emergencies. Whether it is to combat the floods of a hurricane, heavy rains, or infrastructure failure, an inflatable cofferdam can be the answer. But what are cofferdams, and are they worth buying outright?

What Is An Inflatable Cofferdam?

The humble cofferdam has been a staple of human engineering for building and flood control since modern recorded history started. They have been constructed to dam, divert, store, or assist in draining water from large areas. Initially, they were built from wood, rock, metal, and concrete. However, these types of cofferdams were semi-permanent. Inflatable cofferdams are temporary, block flowing water cleanly, providing a safe, dry, and clean work environment.

Why Should You Rent an Inflatable Cofferdam?

Sandbags and other temporary barriers can take hours, days, or weeks to set up, depending on the project size. An inflatable cofferdam is quick to set up and perfect for emergencies while minimizing the ecological damage of damming—average set-up times for an inflatable cofferdam range from a few hours to a maximum of a day.

How Do Inflatable Cofferdams Work?

Construction workers use inflatable cofferdams by filling a hollow tube with water, providing an ultra-heavy wall blocking all but the deepest and most violent waters. Temporary cofferdams can reach upwards or over ten feet tall and weigh several tons when fully inflated. Unlike cofferdams’ more traditional construction materials, inflatable dams are the most versatile and eco-friendly, thanks to being built following the federal “Clean Water Act.” Our inflatable cofferdams leave a minimal footprint behind their relatively rapid form of deflation and can be moved to other locations in a time of need.

When You May Need A Cofferdam Rental

If you are suffering from chronic flooding, then a cofferdam purchase may suit you better than a rental. However, in emergencies that come from a one-off or rare occurrence, you may want to consider a cofferdam rental. Some things to take into consideration when debating an inflatable cofferdam rental are:

  • The length of time you will need the cofferdam. While a rental has a lower initial cost, if your emergency turns into a long-term project that lasts more than a few weeks, consider an outright purchase.
  • How often does this emergency happen?
  • How big is your project? If you need multiple cofferdams covering a wide area, it’s worth considering the next bullet point.
  • How big of a budget do you have to work with? Cofferdam rentals are cheaper than purchases, making them perfect for lower budgets and quick projects.

How To Find The Right Cofferdam Plan For You

First and foremost, you will want to talk to a professional. Dam-It-Dams offers free consultation services to help you decide if a cofferdam rental is right for you. For your consultation appointment, have the following information available:

  • Budget
  • Project Type
  • Specific Details Of The Project
  • Experience With Cofferdams
  • Whether You Will Need A Set Up Crew
  • If You Have Your Own Crew
  • Length Of Time You Need
  • How Far To Ship The Cofferdam
  • Time Until Project Start (this may not be applicable for emergencies)

Learn More About Cofferdam Rentals At Dam-It-Dams

Whether you need a cofferdam for personal or professional use, Dam-It-Dams has the solution for your emergency. We offer inflatable cofferdams for purchase or rental. Call us today at 810-695-1695 to learn more about your options!

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