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Prepare for Summer Flooding with Inflatable Cofferdams

Prepare for Summer Flooding with Inflatable Cofferdams

With summertime just around the corner, now is the time that flooding from summer storms and the potential for snow melt in many areas pose a significant threat to construction projects and private property. While sandbags and trenches may be your regular solution to rising water levels, a temporary cofferdam is another, more reliable option. While an inflatable cofferdam may seem like overkill for flooding, they have saved average Americans thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue and property damage.

What Is An Inflatable Cofferdam?

Inflatable, sometimes called temporary, cofferdams are an artificial damming option that protects wet and dry areas from water intrusion by inflating themselves with water and providing a solid barrier against even the most turbulent floods. Outside of their regular use in the construction industry, inflatable cofferdams make a better alternative to sandbags or other defensive measures against flooding and hurricanes. They can be set up quickly to protect large and small areas where water may be as shallow as a few inches or as deep as 10+ feet in flooding.

Summer Flooding, It Happens So Fast

So how does an inflatable cofferdam supplant traditional protection measures? First and foremost, when floods happen, you may not have the days required to construct a fortress of six-foot-high walls of sandbags around your entire property, especially in the event of flash flooding common in the western United States. When the waters start to flow, with an inflatable cofferdam, you can set it up yourself with a crew of as small as three people in just a couple of hours without the back-breaking work of other alternatives. Inflatable cofferdams are stable and can hold tons of water pressure, redirecting flood waters back to natural sources and protecting property, topsoil, and wildlife. Furthermore, after use, sandbags are considered a form of hazardous material, becoming far more cumbersome to move after being flooded with damage. Cofferdams require no special cleanup, and you can remove them just as quickly as you set them up, leaving little to no evidence of their existence after the flooding is over.

Lower Water Levels Safely With Portable Cofferdams

If you have experienced, or are experiencing consistent flooding, then an inflatable cofferdam can be used the opposite way to contain intrusive waters and allow for safe dewatering. Fill a portable cofferdam with water from the area to lower the water levels safely and efficiently.

Peace Of Mind With Inflatable Cofferdams

While the West may suffer from flash flooding in the summer months, the Eastern United States is similarly less than fortunate regarding flooding. Hurricane season extends from late June and often runs into November, bringing many problems, paramount among them is flooding. With an inflatable cofferdam, you can rest easy knowing that the storm surge or rising river levels upstream will be repelled, even if you are ordered to evacuate and don’t have the time to set up earthen or sandbag barriers. Thanks to their design, weight, and the ability to be anchored down in severe winds, a rugged and durable cofferdam can protect your home or work site even when everyone is away. Then, after the storm, inflatable cofferdams can be rolled up and stored away, getting you back to business as usual in less time than any other flood prevention method.

Prepare Yourself For Summer Flooding With An Inflatable Cofferdam Today

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