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The Future of Flood Defense: Innovations on the Horizon

The Future of Flood Defense: Innovations on the Horizon

As climate change continues to increase flooding around the world, flood defense strategies have changed to combat these new threats. The damage that flooding causes globally is staggering. Floods are responsible for:

  • Over 104 billion in damages
  • Billions of dollars in agricultural loss
  • Long-lasting infrastructure damage
  • 5,000 deaths a year

With climate change showing no signs of abating, floods are projected to intensify in frequency and strength, encroaching into previously unaffected areas. Fortunately, flood defense strategies have also advanced as floods have grown more formidable. Dam-It-Dams takes pride in contributing to the battle against flooding, offering various environmentally friendly solutions with its custom-made water-inflated cofferdams. Keep reading to learn more about water-inflated cofferdams and other advancements in flood defense.

Emerging Technologies for Flood Defense

Several powerful tools have emerged for flood forecasting and flood damage mitigation in recent years. A combined approach of early forecasting and floodwater diversion will be critical as floods increase in severity and occurrence. Some of these new tools include:

Early Warning Systems: Advanced meteorological forecasting technology has been able to give early warnings for flooding, giving people in affected areas more time to prepare. These forecasts, combined with modern communication systems, mean that more people than ever in flood areas will have an early warning to evacuate and stay informed on what steps to take in the event of a flooding disaster.

Flood Mapping and Risk Assessment: A combination of geographic information systems and onsite sensing technologies allows teams to monitor floods as they happen and map them when they occur. Satellite imagery and high-resolution elevation data have changed the way authorities assess flood risk and develop land that is likely to be prone to flooding.

Restoring Natural Flood Barriers

One cause of increasing floods has been the removal of wetlands and forests that serve as natural flood barriers. Without these barriers, areas that used to be natural barriers are replaced with concrete jungles that leave water nowhere to go. Efforts have been made to protect existing natural flood barriers and rebuild destroyed ones.

Flood Water Controlling Infrastructure

Typically, when one thinks of flood control infrastructure, images of levies and sea walls come to mind. These static barriers serve an essential role, but as the earth changes, many areas that were once low risk for flooding have fallen into the path of modern flood waters. This necessitates the need for new flood barriers that can protect at-risk communities. Typically, these barriers would be costly and challenging to build, and often, there are gaps in areas that get caught in the raging waters. Dam-It-Dams has the solution with its line of water-inflated cofferdams.

Dam-It-Dam’s line of water-inflated cofferdams provides modern solutions to modern flooding. Our dams can:

  • Be deployed in hours
  • Custom-made for any size
  • Reused several times
  • Be easily stored
  • Removed without leaving a trace

Water-inflated cofferdams are made from tough geotextile skin and inflated with water to form a strong barrier against flood waters. They have been successfully deployed worldwide to protect property and infrastructure from flood waters. What makes them so effective is that they can easily be stored on location in flood-prone areas and deployed in hours, offering moveable rapid protection that other floodwater mitigation systems fall short of. With 25 years of experience in the water-inflated cofferdam industry, Dam-It-Dams has quickly become the gold standard for manufacturing and distributing water-inflated cofferdams.

Modern Flood Defense With Dam-It-Dams

If you need a modern solution to protect infrastructure and property from the increasing risk of flooding, look no further than Dam-It-Dams water-inflated cofferdams. Call our team today at (810) 695-1695 to learn how we can help with flood defense.

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