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Environmental Stewardship: Minimizing Impact with Inflatable Cofferdams

Environmental Stewardship: Minimizing Impact with Inflatable Cofferdams

Construction projects in or near sensitive marine environments can quickly and severely harm sensitive aquatic ecosystems. Take, for example, the San Francisco Bay Bridge construction project in the 1930s. This massive construction project was a complex of bridges built to bring cars across San Francisco Bay. While the project was a success, and today, the San Francisco Bay Bridges are used by 250,000 cars a day, it led to a massive and avoidable ecological disaster in the bay. Runoff waters from the construction sites introduced sediment contaminated with pollutants that severely degraded the water quality in the bay, causing a marked decrease in bio-diversity. Today, construction projects on land and in marine environments still threaten nearby ecosystems. Still, many of these threats can be eliminated with the help of Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdams. Our dams are not only environmentally friendly and challenging but also reusable barriers that can address many of the concerns raised by construction projects near or in sensitive marine environments, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practices.

Rugged Eco-Friendly Solutions to Marine and Land-Based Construction

Dam-It-Dams water-inflated cofferdams significantly benefit construction sites that help prevent environmental damage. Our dams can prevent:

  • Erosion
  • Contaminated runoff from reaching marine ecosystems
  • Prevent sediment disturbances
  • Excessive waste due to their reusable design

Unlike other dams, which require large amounts of labor to set up and are less friendly to the environment, Dam-It-Dams inflatable cofferdams can be quickly deployed on a job site and removed when no longer needed, conveniently stored away for the next job. They are made from tough and environmentally friendly geotextile materials and can be rented and delivered to a job site or purchased to meet a customer’s exact specifications. Let’s look at some common environmental threats that the Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdams can address.

Preventing Soil Erosion on the Job Site With Inflatable Cofferdams

Our water-inflated cofferdams are excellent tools for combating soil erosion at the job site. They can be deployed as perimeter defenses against runoff waters that can wash away soil, redirecting the flow from erosion-prone areas. Our dam systems can capture or relocate runoff waters, preventing damaging erosion that harms the nearby environment.

Stopping Contaminated Runoff Waters With Portable Cofferdams

Construction projects often introduce contaminants that can be washed into sensitive marine environments, killing aquatic life and plants. Runoff waters from construction projects are most commonly polluted with petroleum products, heavy metals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Dam-It-Dams cofferdams can block these polluted runoff waters from entering nearby waters when deployed as a strong barrier.

Waste Less Materials With Dam-It-Dams Inflatable Cofferdams

Dam-It-Dams are excellent eco-friendly solutions to modern construction projects that require dams. Unlike other dams, they are built from environmentally friendly materials and can be reused several times throughout their lives. Besides just saving you money, their reusability further increases their eco-friendliness.

Tips for Minimizing Ecological Disturbances and Deploying Dams

By properly preparing the job site for our water-inflated cofferdams, you can get the most out of our dams and prevent ecological damage. The deployment site should be thoroughly inspected for any sharp materials that could puncture the dam’s skin. While our dams are built to withstand demanding conditions, nails, broken glass, and other sharp items should be kept from the deployment site. Once deployed, they should be monitored for any leaks and gaps in coverage that could introduce contaminants to nearby water sources. After the job is done, they can be drained and stored out of direct sunlight, which can degrade their durability in storage. By inspecting the deployment site and properly storing our dams, you can expect to get a long life out of your dams and continue to protect the environment with each deployment.

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