Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdam Installation – St John Florida

Cofferdam Installation – St John Florida

Dam-It Dams inc. is the cofferdam contractor that was hired to install a temporary portable water-filled cofferdam for a particular project site located in St Johns, Florida. The dam was manufactured in one piece, which measured 10 foot tall by 275 foot long. The contractor needed to install four 20 inch road drain pipes into the retention pond for a new subdivision. Each drain was roughly situated approximately 150 feet apart from one another.

Dam-It Dams ability to manufacture the dams in long sections by securely extending their dam in order to fit the size of the project needs allowed the customer to do two of his digs with one set of cofferdams. The Customer was well-prepared for the installation of the cofferdam. They had two 6 inch pumps and six laborers in 98° sunny weather, which made the job exceedingly more simple. Installation time was approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours and the dam was completely installed and ready to go! That day, the site was de-watered and the next day, the customer was able to complete both digs and remove the dam for use on the next site.

Dam-It Dams light-weight portable cofferdams can easily be installed, used, broken down, and transferred to another work location, depending on the size of the project, within a tight time frame. The entire system requires minimal manual laborers and can be re-used at multiple sites, due to the sturdy geo-textile material used to create the inflatable dam itself, making it a financially sound and environmentally friendly choice for your damming, de-watering, and draining needs on various project spaces!

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