Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdam Solutions For Pool Repairs

Cofferdam Solutions For Pool Repairs

As an alternative use for your Dam-It Dam’s inflatable cofferdam, consider it for use when performing seasonal and emergency pool maintenance.

Any pool owner can tell you that one of the biggest and most costly aspects of owning a pool is a hole or tear in the liner. This requires that you pump out or backwash all the water from pool, find the repair site after the shifting of the vinyl when the weight of the water is no longer pressing on the walls and floor of the lining, and repair or replace the section of lining before refilling the pool with clean usable water to treat and prepare for future swimming. This is a long process that no one likes to endure during the hot summer days.

Now, with the use of a portable and reusable cofferdam from Dam-It Dam’s, the need to completely drain your pool’s water in order to get to the site of repair is no longer necessary. Water can be barricaded on the other side of the pool (a process known as de-watering an area) while repairs are quickly and more easily made and, after the project is completed and upon it’s removal, the blockaded water is released into the entirety of the pool. This saves money on a full-on refill and treatment chemicals to prep the fresh tap water and balance the pH levels.

As an additional plus, use of the pool is not necessarily disrupted by the need to make the repair, depending on the size of the area closed off for restoration. Because our dams can be interlocked, the section of coverage is definitely an easily achievable one. It’s easy to install and uninstall, making it ideal for home use. What’s more is that our dams can use your existing pool water to evenly inflate the dam for a securely sealed dry work site.

There are many versatile uses for our water-filled geo-textile water dam. Be sure to check back in for updates on the various ways to use your very own inflatable water-filled barrier from Dam-It Dam’s!

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