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Cofferdams versus Sandbags

Cofferdams versus Sandbags

With the prospect of floods on the horizon, you may wonder what makes cofferdams superior to the tried and true sandbags frequently used in these situations.

While it’s true that the sandbag has proved time and time again that it will do the job, it’s only doing the minimal in the face of improvements that have come with time. For numerous reasons the temporary water-filled cofferdam is a vast advance on the older methods, like using sandbags.

Let’s take a look at the comparisons between sandbags and our cofferdam and you’ll see what makes our cofferdams the first-rate choice.

Sandbag: requires import of dry earth (sand) to fill the pouches in order to fill the bag.

Cofferdam: uses the water on-site to fill the inner chambers.

Sandbags: disposal requires the assistance of a Hazmat crew for health and safety.

Cofferdam: are reusable by simply emptying the inner bladder and storing.

Sandbags: are heavy, even before use.

Cofferdam: are constructed to be light-weight and portable.

Sandbags: are susceptible to seepage of on-site waters.

Cofferdam: provide a water tight seal once the site is prepped.

Sandbags: absorb waste and bacteria in the water, making it a serious safety hazard.

Cofferdam: does not absorb, but seals out, thereby repelling the filth inside the water.

Sandbags: require much more labor to install.

Cofferdam: requires minimal labor for set-up and break down.

Sandbags: can sometimes require changing out in the middle of the project as they can stop working altogether due to over-filling.

Cofferdam: do not require extra attention between set-up and break down.

Sandbags: can be pierced by on-site debris.

Cofferdam: are created with puncture-resistant geotextile materials.

Sandbags: require a fair amount of money for laborers, removal from site, Hazmat costs, and disposal as well as supplies and supply transportation.

Cofferdam: are cost-efficient due to the need for light labor, no disposal costs, and re-usability of the product.

Sandbags: are for purchase only.

Cofferdam: can be rented from our company.

Hopefully the information provided above helps to inform you as to why our temporary, portable, reusable cofferdams are head and shoulders above the standard sandbags that can also be used in times of flooding or construction, and by being informed, you can make the right choice for your project or emergency needs.

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