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Portable Cofferdam in Arkansas

Portable Cofferdam in Arkansas

Closeup View of Portable Cofferdam in Arkansas

A portable cofferdam in Arkansas is a flexible, easy-to-deploy dam that can be set up quickly and effectively without the need for excessive manpower. Portable cofferdams can be utilized for countless applications, including floodwater control, temporary damming, leak containment and even in the clearing up of chemical spills. One single portable cofferdam can do exactly the same job as around 750 sandbags.

Portable cofferdam Arkansas applications include commercial, municipal and even residential uses. For large-scale applications multiple cofferdams can be linked together via a unique connection collar system. Because of its flexibility, a portable cofferdam in Arkansas can be molded into any shape imaginable no matter the terrain.

A Portable Cofferdam in Arkansas is Quite Easy to Deploy

The only resource needed to inflate a portable cofferdam is water – the very resource it is almost universally required to control. Water is pumped into the cofferdam and collects at the bottom, anchoring it in place. As more and more water collects within the cofferdam its sturdiness increases until inflation is complete. The portable cofferdam is now a sturdy barrier capable of withstanding intense amounts of water pressure without the fear of failure.

Once your use for a portable cofferdam in Arkansas has concluded, then the quick and easy removal process can commence. You will of course need to remove any water that the portable cofferdam was being used to contain. The cofferdam can be left to deflate and then the remaining water is pumped out of it. Once completely deflated, your portable cofferdam can be cleaned, rolled up and stored away, ready for its next use.

Compare the convenience of a portable cofferdam in Arkansas to the deployment of between 500 and 1,000 sandbags. Not only are sandbags heavy and difficult to deploy, once their use is over, they will have become contaminated and will need to be disposed of in line with environmental legislation.

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