Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Dam-It-Dams Featured on The Curse of Oak Island TV Show

Dam-It-Dams Featured on The Curse of Oak Island TV Show

You may not have noticed, but Dam-It-Dams has recently been featured on TV! We are not talking about a nationally syndicated advertising campaign, but the use of our inflatable cofferdams on the treasure-hunting TV hit, The Curse of Oak Island.

We are proud to have helped the treasure hunters of Oak Island to continue their quest for the elusive treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island and the 200-year old Hunt for Buried Treasure

Oak Island is a small piece of privately-owned land in Nova Scotia. It is one of around 360 small islands in the Mahone Bay. The island is only 660 feet from the mainland and easily reached via a causeway and gate. Despite this, Oak Island is a remote place with zero residents either living on the island or close by.

The place has always been a popular destination for hunters of historical artifacts and treasure. Since the 1700s it has been rumored that the feared pirate Captain Kidd buried at least some of his plundered wealth on the island. These rumors have gained credence in recent years as foreign objects such as non-native coconut fiber have been found there.

The Michigan Treasure Hunters and The Curse of Oak Island

For some, locating treasure on the island has become their life’s work. One group from Michigan in particular have gone to extremes in order to find any evidence of treasure buried on Oak Island. Since 2014 The History Channel has been broadcasting ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, chronicling the treasure seeking efforts of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina from the Michigan group.

In one recent episode, Rick and Marty were investigating one area of interest on the island, which they now mostly own. As the area of interest was underwater, digging for the treasure was impossible, so the services of Dam-It-Dams were called upon in order to create a temporary dry area for the team to dig into. It would be a huge spoiler if we were to reveal whether any treasure was found or not – you’ll just have to tune in and watch the show!

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