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Differences Between Traditional and Inflatable Cofferdams

Differences Between Traditional and Inflatable Cofferdams

If you work in a business sector where water intrusion is an issue for you, then you are probably aware of a structure called a cofferdam. This is, traditionally, a temporary structure that is constructed in order to divert water or create a dewatering area. Once the structure’s use is complete, it is deconstructed and removed.

Over the past few years or so, an alternative to the traditional cofferdam has been available. This is an inflatable cofferdam, a reusable structure that can be repeatedly placed where it needs to be, inflated with the resource that is already there (water), then deflated when it is no longer needed, then removed and stored for its next use.

What are the Main Differences Between Traditional and Inflatable Cofferdams?

Traditional Cofferdams

A traditional cofferdam can be constructed out of any type of material depending on the task it is required for. The majority of traditional cofferdams are made from metal, with steel being a particulate favorite. Because metal is used, traditional cofferdams are capable of withstanding huge amounts of pressure.

The downside with traditional cofferdams is that they are usually very expensive, particularly when you consider that most of them are used only once. They are also time consuming to install. If you try and save costs by using concrete or wood you usually find you need a double-walled construction to provide sufficient strength.

Inflatable Cofferdams

Inflatable cofferdams provide high levels of strength by being filled with water, making them heavy and rigid. They are easy to transport as only the dam itself needs to be transported to where it is required, and not the resource to inflate it as that resource is already in abundance!

Inflatable cofferdams are very easy to install, and in a fraction of the time taken to install a traditional cofferdam. The dam is simply set in place and held while it is being inflated. The weight of the water being used to inflate weighs down the cofferdam so that it is fixed in place. To remove the cofferdam, this process is simply reversed.

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