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Environmental Benefits of Inflatable Cofferdams

Environmental Benefits of Inflatable Cofferdams

No matter what you are tasked with, either in or close to a water source, you will want that task to go as smoothly as possible, including any environmental concerns. Environmental protection laws are stricter than ever before, and you must reduce your environmental impact as much as possible.

Suppose you are dealing with water intrusion issues. In that case, there is an ‘easy win’ to be had regarding the environment – choose inflatable cofferdams over any of the many other water intrusion solutions available, as inflatable cofferdams come with many environmental benefits ‘as standard.’ Below we look at the environmental benefits of inflatable cofferdams in the hope that you’ll at least consider water-inflated cofferdams for your next project where water intrusion is a problem.

Inflatable Cofferdams are Quick to Install and Just as Quick to Remove

You cannot work on any construction project without disturbing the local environment, and that’s a given. However, you are responsible for minimizing the destruction you cause and then making it right afterward.

There is less to worry about if you choose water-inflated cofferdams to solve your water intrusion worries. Because they are so simple to install, you don’t have to worry about the impact you will likely make on the local environment. They can be transported to the site, unpacked, and then floated into position. Once secured, you only need to pump water into your inflatable cofferdam to create that critical, impenetrable seal. You can complete the installation in a matter of hours, as opposed to the days alternative solutions may take.

Once your need for the inflatable cofferdam is complete, removing the cofferdam is very simple too. You can allow the water within the cofferdam to flow out into the nearest source of water (if suitable) and then pump out the rest until the cofferdam is completely deflated. Then, it is only a simple matter of cleaning the cofferdam, rolling it up, and transporting it away from the site.

One additional benefit of inflatable cofferdams is that if handled with care, your cofferdam is good to be used on multiple occasions. This means that by using inflatable cofferdams, not only are you saving the environment, but you are also saving yourself money!

Inflatable Cofferdams Reduce the Impact You are Likely to Make on the Local Environment

An environmental disturbance is one of the main problems with construction near or in a water source. This is where the earth and other debris are disturbed by the construction and enter the water source. This can weaken the natural areas close to the water source and – if the waste is entering a dynamic source of water – lead to the debris being deposited further downstream, where it may cause problems such as disrupting or altering the natural flow of the water or blocking manmade drainage, sewage or other essential systems.

Inflatable cofferdams are much less likely to cause disturbances to the local environment and prevent debris from entering dynamic water systems. Not only can they gently be placed into position, but they can also be molded to fit any natural environment, be it a river bed, lake bed, or some manmade area such as a marina or a boat ramp.

If you would like to know more about how inflatable cofferdams could help you help the environment, then please get in touch with the number one water-inflated cofferdam expert in the US, Dam-It-Dams. You can find us at 801-695-1695 or contact us online here.


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