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How to Install Water Inflated Cofferdams

How to Install Water Inflated Cofferdams

A water inflated cofferdam, as supplied by the team here at Dam-It-Dams, is a versatile solution to countless dewatering needs that is also quick and easy to install. Your company may have been contracted to work on the repairs to a bridge or dam, the installation of a boat ramp or some kind of shoreline restoration project. In all three of these applications and countless others, a water inflated cofferdam will provide the ideal dewatering solution that you are looking for with the added benefit that it can be used time and time again.

The Installation Process Of Water Inflated Cofferdams

There are three different types of water inflated cofferdam installations, depending on the environment in which they are being used. These type of cofferdams can be used in three different areas – a dry environment, an installation where water is present but is largely static (such as a lake or manmade pool) or where water is in motion (a river being the most obvious example). Each different environment needs a slightly different installation process.

In a dry surface installation, the installation could not be simpler. You just transport the water inflated cofferdam to where it is going to be needed, unroll it and use pumps to pump water into it and inflate it. This type of installation is typical when the water inflated cofferdam is being used for flood protection.

The second type of installation, static water installation, is slightly more involved, but still relatively simple. A water filled cofferdam is naturally buoyant, so you can just place one end of the cofferdam at the water’s edge and then unroll it. It can then be floated into position and inflated with weight of the pumped-in water eventually lowering the cofferdam into position and anchoring it. Such an installation is used in pools in order to create an area from which water is removed for repairs and maintenance.

The final common type of installation is a dynamic water installation. Here hydraulic equipment is recommended to fix the dam in position so that once on the water’s surface the current doesn’t move it out of place. Once fixed, water can be pumped in and again, the weight of the water will anchor the dam. This type of installation is common in bridge repair.

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