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Hurricane Bud

Hurricane Bud

In the midst of category 4 Hurricane Aletta, another tropical storm developed into a category 4 hurricane, as predicted, named Bud. Within days, Hurricane Bud has begun as a tropical storm and is now dissipating and weakening into a low-end tropical storm again which is expected to arrive in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico late tomorrow, Thursday June 14.

In addition to the tropical storm force winds over the next 36-48 hours for the area, accumulations of rainfall can also be expected of up to 2 inches in southwest Mexico, and isolated accumulations of up to 4 inches. Flash flooding is expected, possible roadway wash out, streams and riverbeds rising above their banks, mudslides, high surf, and rip currents are all additional things that local residents should be prepared for. In Baja California and northwestern Mexico, 1-3 inches of rainfall with isolations of up to 5 inches are expected in total through to Saturday.

In addition to the Baja Peninsula, the degeneration of Bud will possibly result in rainfall up to 3 inches across southern Arizona, which may lead to some flooding Learn about home flood protection here.

The best bet for a situation such as this is to stay away from beaches and lakes, listen to the alerts, listen for local warnings and sirens through emergency centers and law enforcement, and safeguard your homes and residences as much as possible. If caught in a rip current, it is safest to swim parallel to the shore until the threat passes.

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