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How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Prevent Erosion on Construction Sites

How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Prevent Erosion on Construction Sites

You may not think much about topsoil, but the gradual dwindling away of topsoil from the planet is one of the biggest environmental concerns currently facing the Earth. Over the past one hundred and fifty years or so, the Earth has lost around fifty percent of its topsoil. If this trend continues, then there will soon be no topsoil left whatsoever.

What Exactly is Topsoil, and Why is it so Important?

Topsoil is the outermost layer of normal soil. It is usually at depths between five and ten inches, and is composed of organic matter, minerals, water and air. Plants usually have the majority of their roots embedded in topsoil as it contains many nutrients. If there was no topsoil on the planet, then plants would find it extremely difficult to grow.

What is Meant by Topsoil Erosion?

Topsoil erosion is where soil is carried away and deposited where it is useless for plants, such as in the sea or in places where plants do not thrive. Most topsoil erosion is caused by natural processes such as rain, snow and wind. Humans can also contribute to topsoil erosion if they do not take care with topsoil when building. Agriculture, deforestation and urbanization are other factors that can contribute towards topsoil erosion.

What Can I Do on a Construction Site to Help Prevent Topsoil Erosion?

The main problem with construction is that it disrupts the environment. If you are building you have no option but to disturb the topsoil, and you may unwittingly contribute towards topsoil erosion, especially if you are working near a source of water, such as a river.

If, as a result of your construction you increase the amount of topsoil being carried away by the river, then you are damaging the environment. You can prevent this from happening by temporary damming sources of water using an inflatable cofferdam. You will also reduce the chances of water entering your site.

You are contributing to the environment anyway by using inflated cofferdams, as they are reusable and easy to transport, unlike the usual alternative of sandbags.

If you are looking to solve issues with water on your site, or if need to work on a site from which the water needs to be removed and held back temporarily, then please contact us here at Dam-It-Dams. Our reusable, environmentally friendly cofferdams are the solution that you have been searching for. Contact us at 1-810-695-1695, or online using our contact form to receive a free quote.

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