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How Inflatable Cofferdams Decrease the Environmental Impact of Construction Projects

How Inflatable Cofferdams Decrease the Environmental Impact of Construction Projects

It’s one of the facts of a life in the construction industry that any project tends to have a sizable impact on the local environment. Not only is there a physical and geographical impact, but a lot of waste is also usually created, and energy is consumed. Everyone is currently trying to reduce any environmental impact they make, but for people who work in the construction industry, that can be a difficult task.

For people who work in or around sources of water though, there is one step they can take in order to minimize the impact such a construction project has on the local environment, and that is to deal with water intrusion by using inflatable cofferdams.

Be Environmentally Aware – Use An Inflatable Cofferdam From Dam-It-Dams For Construction

There is a two-step process to dewatering a construction site. The first is the creation of some kind of barrier that separates the usual source of water from the area where construction is required. The second is to remove the water from the area that is needed to be water-free.

The go-to solution for such an issue for many years has been the use of sandbags. Are sandbags environmentally-friendly? That question has a simple answer – no! First and foremost, when a sandbag comes into contact with flood water, it immediately becomes contaminated. The water is full of dirt, debris and other contaminants which pollute the sandbag.

Once the construction project has been complete, the majority of the sandbags are now unusable, and they can only be disposed of in line with legal environmental procedures. This creates a huge amount of waste.

Compare that to an inflatable cofferdam. A cofferdam can be moved into position, and then anchored. Once fixed, water is pumped into the cofferdam in order to inflate it using a resource that is already present – water! The weight of the water fixes the cofferdam in place, and dewatering can begin.

Once the project is completed the water can be pumped backed out, the cofferdam removed from site and then stored, ready for your next construction project with a dewatering need!

Inflatable Cofferdams From Dam-It-Dams Are The Most Effective Solution To Water Intrusion Problems In Construction

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