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Inflatable Cofferdams for Home Flood Protection

Inflatable Cofferdams for Home Flood Protection

Both hurricanes and extreme rainstorms can present several problems for local communities. When weather authorities issue a flood warning, homeowners turn to sandbags or alternate flood control methods to prepare. Flash flooding in moderate to low-risk areas accounts for nearly 25% of flood insurance claims. For those who live near the coast, the amount of property damage claims increases exponentially. As someone with a risk of loss of property due to flooding, having a flood control solution that is easy to use and inexpensive like an inflatable cofferdam will make the difference between being adequately prepared or not.

What is a water-inflated cofferdam?

While a dam is easily understood as a mechanism that stops water from flowing to a certain area, an inflatable cofferdam can be explained similarly. Like any cofferdam that is built within, or in pairs across a body of water, a reusable water-inflated cofferdam uses the water of the area to inflate its bladder tank. By taking in enough water to stabilize the internal baffle system, a water-inflatable dam removes water from an area and creates a reliable barrier. They have two double inner tubes, which hold the water and are resilient enough to withstand the external and internal pressures by using an industrial-grade geotextile material to ensure their durability.

How would I set up a cofferdam?

Dam-It Dams inflatable dams are spread around the house and filled with on-site water, via pumps, to protect the home from flood water. There are various designs that are expandable so the homeowners can buy the best inflatable dams to best suit their needs. When the flooding water reaches the area covered, the force of the inflatable dam will hold back the potentially devastating onset to ensure it does not reach the home, saving you many thousands of dollars!

Benefits of a water-inflated cofferdam

The cofferdams that Dam-It Dams provides its customers are dependable solutions for the purposes of damming, dewatering, and diverting, and some of the top reasons are:

  • Light-weight portability. When not in use, the water-inflated dams can be folded and stored away for future use. Much like a water balloon, once there is no water inside, the dam deflates and for this reason, you can pack and move the barrier in your vehicle. You can fold them to fit in a small space in your shed or garage. Being portable, they can be transferred quickly between places, making them suitable for emergencies.
  • Industrial puncture-resistance – Flood waters typically carry debris such as rocks, branches, and sewage waste from miles around. Such debris is highly dangerous to any property and living beings. The industrial geotextile material that comprises our inflatable flood barriers allows it to withstand tremendous forces and impact.
  • Expandable and flexible – Dam-It Dam’s inflatable flood barriers are made to be linked together to form a continuous tube, filled with water to create a strong barrier. Protecting from flood depths up to 12’ and able to be modified to fit any shape you need, Dam-It Dams are built to protect the smallest homes to the largest properties.
  • Investment in protection – Damage from flood waters ranges but is almost always in the thousands of dollars. Post-flood cleanup is also expensive and arduous. Though the initial cost may seem high, the purchase of inflatable flood barriers is a one-time investment to protect your entire property and its contents.
  • Environmentally friendly – EPA Safe-Water Act-compliant, an inflatable cofferdam will not pollute the property or destroy the surrounding ecosystem.

Dam-It Dams, a Manufacturer you can TRUST

Water is a powerful force if left unchecked. From property damage to water contamination, not having the best flood protection equipment can be detrimental to your business. With several cofferdam sizes to choose from, and being fully customizable, Dam-It Dams has proven solutions for protecting against floodwaters. To learn more about flooding protection and water-filled inflatable cofferdams, reach out to the experienced experts at Dam-It Dams today! Contact us at (810) 695-1695 or reach out online to request a free cofferdam quote.

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