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Inflatable Cofferdams – Why They’re Superior to Sandbags

Inflatable Cofferdams – Why They’re Superior to Sandbags

Sandbags are the most common solution for water intrusion issues, but are they the best? Just because they are a ‘common’ solution does not mean there are no alternative solutions available. Many alternative solutions are also better solutions, such as inflatable cofferdams. We here at Dam-It-Dams are about to explain to you why inflatable cofferdams are not only a viable alternative to sandbags, they are also a much better one.

Inflatable Cofferdams Have a Huge Number of Advantages Over Sandbags

If you run your own business, then no doubt you are very aware of the phrase ‘time is money’. Even if one solution seems, on the surface anyhow, to be a much cheaper option than alternatives, when you factor in the time spent and labor costs associated with the solution, your choice turns out to be far more expensive than you perhaps might have considered it to be.

This is very true of sandbags. Sandbags themselves are not particularly expensive, and neither is the sand that’s needed to fill them. However, when you factor in the transportation costs of getting the sand to the location needed, and the labor costs of getting your crew to fill the sandbags and then place them into position, that initial ‘cheapness’ swiftly vanishes.

You will find that inflatable cofferdams can be installed around four times quicker than sandbags. In addition, for a great deal of applications the installation can be completed by a crew of two. It is only for more complex applications that larger crews may be required, but installing an inflatable cofferdam is not as back breaking as using sandbags, that much is certain.

The Use of Inflatable Cofferdams Over Sandbags is Certainly Kinder to the Environment

If you have used sandbags before, then you will know that disposing of them once your need for them is over is not simply a case of throwing them over a nearby wall. Sandbags become environmental hazards when used, and once the need for them is over they need to be disposed of in line with legal guidelines. Compare this to water-inflated cofferdams which just need to be deflated, cleaned, removed and then placed into storage. If you treat a cofferdam with care, it can be used time and time again.

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