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Information: What Happens Indoors When Snow Melts

Dam-It Dams inc. Cofferdams Information: What Happens Indoors When Snow Melts

Areas with heavy snowfall know the snow will inevitably melt and the season of frigid temperatures, shoveling, scraping windshields, layering clothes, and seeing your breath will end… eventually. Even though it feels like it never will! But with that thaw and the snow melting comes a different kind of problem for the newly melted snow- it becomes water that seeps into the ground and overruns lower areas.

What if all this water seepage makes its way into your home? What if it leaks through holes and cracks and overtakes YOUR space? How do you protect and prevent melting snow from ruining your belongings? You treat it similarly to flood waters!

There are plenty of free-to-inexpensive and easy steps that can be taken as a preventative measure against rising water levels. A few examples are:

-Paint a coat of sealant to your bare floors and bare walls in your basement to stop seepage.

-Check the condition of the sump pump in your basement to make sure you can remove water as it enters. If needed, purchasing a wet/dry vac is always a good option, as they’re a very handy piece of equipment to have around in the shop.

-Raise valuables and electronics off of the ground-level to prevent property damage or loss and electrocution.

However, what are you to do when it’s already made its way into your home? That’s the time to look into one of our cofferdam systems. They are light-weight and portable enough to be carried to the location that you need it at, they are easy to set-up and break down, they don’t require any outside materials in order to get it up and running, and it’s able to be formed and fitted around corners inside the work space you have. Once you’ve managed to trap the water in an area, you can use a pump or a wet/dry vac can be used to remove the offending water.

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