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Information: Winter Storm Eboni Brings Snow

Information: Winter Storm Eboni Brings Snow

Winter storm Eboni began in the Pacific Northwest and spead snow throughout the Southwest of the United States, blizzard conditions to the Plains and snow and ice to the Midwest and New England areas. Eboni is a cross country winter storm that is making itself well-known (and hated), whether for the rain or the snow or the extreme winds, through the entire U.S.

A low-pressure system that became Winter Storm Eboni came ashore on the 24th near the California/Oregon border with snow and rain. More than a foot of snow hit Sierra Nevada that evening.

The following day, Eboni grew in intensity as it reached the southern and central Plains. Due to heavy snow accumulation, a portion of I-25 was closed between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Santa Fe, New Mexico but after a few hours, conditions improved and the road was re-opened.

On December 27th, west bound I-80 in Nebraska between Kearney and North Platte was forced to close in the afternoon while the east bound portion of I-80 between North Platte and Lexington closed. All due to hazardous roadways and treacherous driving conditions. Nearly all flights going into or coming out of Fargo Airport in Fargo, North Dakota, were canceled thanks to blizzard-like conditions. Garden City, Kansas also experienced blizzard conditions and power outages. One section of I-70 in Kansas was closed during the morning and another area was also closed in the afternoon, for the safety of the motorists. Meanwhile, Nebraska experienced areas of whiteout conditions in the morning near Arcadia.

December 28th, Eboni wrapped up across the northern section of the Great Lakes area and New England in the evening, as the warm air turned the snow into rain from the south to the north. Throughout this time, Eboni has inundated the southern states with heavy rains and high winds and plenty of flooding.

Pacific Coast – California has received 12 inches of snow in some areas

Rocky Mountain Region – Colorado has taken on a foot of snow in some areas

Midwest – Minnesota has reached 24 inches in the Finland area, but 2.9 inches in the Minneapolis area

Southwest – Oklahoma has gotten the most snow in this region with 10 inches

New England – Maine and New Hampshire have experienced 2 inches of snowfall

Southeast Region – No snow has been accounted for as of yet, though these areas did receive heavy rainfall.

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