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Maximizing Construction Efficiency with Water-Inflated Cofferdams

Maximizing Construction Efficiency with Water-Inflated Cofferdams

Construction work is one of the most challenging and complex trades in our modern era. Add to the project an additional wrinkle of water intrusion or the chance of flooding, and it goes from complicated to downright dangerous depending upon the conditions. But what if you could harness the power of the water to turn the tides onto your side, creating a safe and dry workspace in the process? Water-inflated cofferdams are the solution you didn’t know you needed. Also called inflatable cofferdams or aqua barriers, water-inflated cofferdams are a versatile, eco-friendly, and efficient tool that revolutionizes a millennia-old method of aiding construction efforts. Read on below to learn just how a water-inflated cofferdam can maximize the efficiency of your next construction effort.

Water-Inflated Cofferdams In Construction, How It Works

At its core, a water-inflated cofferdam is a tool to block water flow in a river, lake, flood zone, or other body of water to create a dry and safe work environment for construction or repair processes. They use a primarily hollow inflatable tube made of a flexible geotextile material into which the water is pumped and guided through a series of internal baffles to create a heavy sealing barrier that leaves no lasting ecological damage.

Uses Of Cofferdams In Construction

Like any tool, cofferdams have their niche, fulfilled when working on or near water. While their versatility is unmatched in hundreds of construction projects, the most common uses for cofferdams in construction include the following:

  • Bridge Construction
  • Pipeline Repair Or Installation
  • On Or Off-Site Water Storage
  • Dredging Operations
  • Culvert/Canal Construction
  • Boat Ramp Construction

Benefits Of Water-Inflated Cofferdams For Construction Projects

So, what are the benefits of a water-inflated cofferdam over other, more traditional, temporary methods?

  1. Time Saved Is Money Saved: Whether you are battling against the clock for deadlines or need to pay for permits to restrict water flow in an area, there is no faster method for damming than an inflatable cofferdam. Water-inflated cofferdams can be set up by a small team with minimal equipment and be inflated or deflated in a matter of hours.
  2. Unmatched Versatility: Thanks to their design, inflatable cofferdams can be interconnected to span vast areas and support any construction site, big or small. Depths in which inflatable cofferdams can be used can be as shallow as a few inches, all the way up to waters over 10 feet in depth.
  3. Outstanding Safety: While they may look unassuming, inflatable cofferdams are a safe solution, creating a solid seal and dry work area while also being able to withstand fast-flowing water and heavy tides.
  4. Portability, Reusability, And Continuous Value: Unlike all other methods, which require materials that are wasted at the end of a project, an inflatable cofferdam can be used at several jobs, one after another, without additional purchase of expendable resources.
  5. Reduction In Environmental Impact: Traditional damming methods, like concrete barriers and sandbags, can leak harmful chemicals into waterways and cause a significant disturbance to the environment even when contained. Inflatable cofferdams suffer none of these drawbacks and are Clean Water Act compliant.

Reach Out to Dam-It-Dams for More Information on Water Inflated Cofferdams

Water-inflated cofferdams are valuable assets for construction and offer unparalleled versatility and an eco-friendly damming option that is superior to traditional damming methods. To learn more about the numerous uses, myriad projects they’ve been used in, FAQs, and helpful guides about cofferdams, check out some other articles on the Dam-It-Dams blog. You can get a free quote and cofferdam consultation by contacting us online or calling 810-695-1695. Dam-It-Dams is proud to supply quality cofferdams for construction use nationwide, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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