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New Year’s Resolution – Be Better Prepared for Flooding With Inflatable Cofferdams

New Year’s Resolution – Be Better Prepared for Flooding With Inflatable Cofferdams

Flooding is one of the most significant challenges facing our world today. No matter where you live. Whether in sunny Los Angles or the flood-prone lands of Florida, heavy rains and failing infrastructure can lead to dangerous amounts of water inundating dry areas. Inflatable cofferdams are a versatile and potent solution to flooding that can save money and lives in the event of intrusive water.

What Is A Cofferdam And How Does It work?

A cofferdam is a portable dam that blocks water flow and provides a dry space for emergency or construction crews. The inflatable dams at Dam It Dams are reusable and can be transferred to fit any situation. Owners can move large or small inflatable vinyl tubes to the flooded locations, pumping water into the dam and blocking upwards of 12 feet of floodwater. These dams create a safe and dry space for work and protect equipment and buildings. Cofferdams offer the following benefits:

  • Can be set up quickly, allowing users to respond to rapidly changing conditions.
  • Cofferdams can be coupled together and cover expansive areas.
  • They are more robust than the balloons they imitate and are made of puncture-resistant material.
  • Portable cofferdams can be moved and reused multiple times.
  • Inflatable cofferdams can be stored after being rolled up.
  • Inflatable cofferdams are eco-friendlier than permanent dams, along with resisting metal corrosion and rot of wood alternatives.
  • A cofferdam from Dam It Dams will perform from setup to takedown, blocking massive amounts of water and pressure.
  • Finally, an inflatable cofferdam can be removed quickly after floodwaters recede, allowing for quick clearance of affected areas or roadways.

Why Do You Need Inflatable Cofferdams For Flooding?

An inflatable cofferdam from Dam It Dams provides a reliable and reusable barrier that will protect you from flooding by blocking significant amounts of water. They can keep you, your possessions, and your people safe, then be quickly removed once a flooding emergency has passed. Those places most at risk are homes or businesses built on floodplains or alongside rivers. While drainage systems are the first line of defense from flooding, they can be easily blocked or overwhelmed when moderate to high water levels are present. Acting quickly and placing a cofferdam before floodwaters overtake your property or worksite is essential when using an inflatable dam. Preparation is vital when utilizing a cofferdam. If local weather stations project flooding for your area, it is better to place a cofferdam to counter dangerous waters.

Some areas that can benefit from an inflatable cofferdam in the event of flooding include the following:

  • Bridges and buildings built above ground level, such as beach or river adjacent housing.
  • Sites predisposed to flooding, such as flood plains or flash flood-prone lowlands.
  • Flooded drainage systems in need of repair and a safe option for workers.
  • Useful within dry riverbeds in typically arid environments experiencing higher than average rainfall.
  • Locales that see consistent or even rare hurricanes.

There are hundreds of places where a cofferdam can prevent or alleviate flooding. Don’t get caught unprepared when a flood comes, and ensure the security of your business, work sites, or home with a portable cofferdam.

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