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Niagara Falls Is Freezing and Indra

Niagara Falls Is Freezing and Indra

The weather cycles from our winter storms, Gia and Harper, are having such a domino effect on the states in the Midwest and Northeast that parts of the Northeast are experiencing a deep freeze. Visitors and sightseers have now stood witness as the rushing waters have frozen in place! This sight has been called majestic, even comparing it to Elsa’s castle (from Frozen)!

“There was even this set of stairs that were placed just outside the look-on spot and they had so much ice on them, it looked like Elsa had just cast her arm out and summoned up some stairs like she does in the movie,” said Emma Grafham, of CNN.

New Englanders could be greeted on Tuesday morning to temperatures as low as 5-20 degrees below zero! This extremely frigid temperature range is dangerous, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and generally just plain unsafe. But Mother Nature will have her way, despite our comfort. The best thing that any of us can do in this bone-chilling cold snap is keep safety, of ourselves and other around us, in mind. Especially in consideration of the fact that our cold chills are not done yet.

We still have Winter Storm Indra to face. While it will not necessarily strike the same exact locations as Gia and Harper, it will still find an overlap. Snow and ice are anticipated to impact the Mountain West, Plains, Midwest, and Northeast this week, according to weather.com. Blizzard Warnings, Winter Storm Warnings, Freezing Temperature Warnings, and Winter Weather Advisories are being posted from the Rocky Mountain Range to the Great Lakes Region and into Northeast New England areas.

Keep an eye on local weather reports in your area and be as safe as possible.

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