Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Portable Water Dam for Construction Projects

Portable Water Dam for Construction Projects

Working in or close to a source of water can be both a complex and dangerous undertaking. The challenge of construction is complex enough, but when you throw in the extra layers of environmental needs, safety, the unpredictability of the weather and water management itself, the whole issue of construction projects in or close to a source of water becomes incredibly complicated.

You need help and help from the best. You need the services of a service provider that is fully aware of all the complexities you face – one that has developed all the knowledge that such construction projects need, plus one that can provide the very best portable water dam for construction projects.

Dam-It-Dams is Your Top Choice for a Portable Water Dam for Construction Projects

The people you need to be speaking to are our team here at Dam-It-Dams. We can offer you non-invasive portable water dams for your construction project. By working with us, together we will provide all the resources necessary to overcome the challenges you face when dealing with a construction project where water intrusion is a problem.

We have been providing water inflated cofferdams as the core of our business for over two decades now. With our services, you will be given the confidence to worry less about your water intrusion issues so you can get on with the important task of the construction itself. When it comes to the provision of a portable water dam for construction projects, you’ll find no better than Dam-It-Dams.

Our water-filled cofferdams are self-contained structures that are designed to divert or control water. They are constructed using dual inner tubes which are inflated by pumping water into them. These tubes and the outer skin are made from incredibly sturdy material. We understand that water can contain all kinds of debris, so we have made sure our cofferdams are completely puncture resistant.

We Can Supply You with a Cofferdam of Practically Any Length Imaginable!

No matter your need, we can supply a portable water dam for construction projects of any length imaginable. Two or more of our cofferdams can be linked together using a unique collar connection system. No matter the scope of your construction project, we can help.

Our cofferdams are conveniently environmentally friendly too. Compare that to sandbags which have to be legally disposed of once their use is over. To learn more about the purchase or rental of a portable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams, contact us at 810-695-1695, or online through our contact form.


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