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Prepare Your Construction Site for Hurricane Season with Inflatable Cofferdams

Prepare Your Construction Site for Hurricane Season with Inflatable Cofferdams

Construction sites are always under severe threat whenever a hurricane is on its way. Because construction sites are usually partly completed buildings, they do not have the structural integrity that completed buildings have. In addition, there are always a lot of untethered items around construction sites that become major hazards should the worse happen. Such items include building materials and items of equipment. These items have the potential to cause substantial damage during a hurricane, and even increase the chance of loss of life.

A Construction Site That Has Been Devastated By A Hurricane Could Be Irretrievable

Even if a construction site does not cause damage during a hurricane but is damaged itself, the losses will be considerable. Even if the site is insured against hurricane damage, the legal process of obtaining payment for any losses will be long and laborious. This will cause your construction project to halt, adding to the costs because of the lengthy delays. There is also the chance that if your construction site has caused damage to other properties, and it is found that this damage could have been prevented if proper procedures had been put into place, your company could face litigation from multiple sources.

It is the duty of any construction site project manager to make sure a plan is in place during hurricane season. This plan needs to be proactive, as opposed to reactive.

One Of The Main Issues Associated With Hurricanes Is Flooding

If you search the internet for pictures of sites in the ‘aftermath’ of any hurricane, then you will notice that they all have one thing in common – they are flooded. This is because a hurricane causes rivers and waterways to flood.

One part of your plan to prevent damage to your construction site should be to have measures in place that will act as flooding prevention. This is where inflatable cofferdams become invaluable. They are quick to deploy and simple to inflate. As soon as a hurricane is forecast, a barrier can be created around your site that will minimize the risk of flooding. For a minimal investment, you could save your company thousands, if not millions of dollars should a hurricane strike.

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