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Prevent Road Flooding with Inflatable Cofferdams

Prevent Road Flooding with Inflatable Cofferdams

When roads flood, the damage created is almost incalculable. Not only is there the cost of repairing the roads and infrastructure once the flood waters have receded, but there is also the cost to businesses as vital supply lines are cut. Several areas in the US are prone to floodings, such as Alabama, Florida, and Texas, and anywhere close to a major river, such as the Mississippi. Roads in these areas are crucial to commerce and people who need to visit relatives, get to their jobs, or make vital hospital appointments.

You can take several precautions to prevent the devastating effect of road flooding, and here we look at the best option overall, inflatable cofferdams.

Inflatable Cofferdams are Quick and Easy to Install, Vital When Protecting Against Flooding

When flooding is forecast, local authorities usually order thousands of sandbags and hold them in storage until the time – and if – they are needed. However, using sandbags when it comes to road flooding is like simply wrapping gauze around a fractured leg, doing nothing else, and hoping that, by some miracle, the bone will heal.

Sandbags take time to fill and time to deploy. It also takes significant labor as sandbags are heavy when filled with sand. If a swift response to the threat of flooding is required, sandbags may be the most ineffective solution. A wall of sandbags is also unstable should the floodwaters breach the border. The post-flood clean-up becomes even more costly as thousands of sodden and torn sandbags must be collected and disposed of in line with environmental regulations.

Inflatable cofferdams are a much better source of prevention when there is the prospect of roads being flooded. Not only are they easier to deploy, but they are customizable based on need. For example, because highways may dip and rise alongside a source of water that maintains a consistent height, different stretches of the same highway will need different sizes of flood protection. This is achievable by building sandbag walls, but inflatable cofferdams are much more effective.

The Versatility of Inflatable Cofferdams Makes Them a Worthwhile Investment

You, of course, are not obliged to use inflatable cofferdams to protect roads against the threat of flooding. Inflatable cofferdams can also save important buildings when floods have been forecast. They can also safeguard evacuation routes, allowing people safe passage out of dangerous areas. These routes may also be a lifeline to people trapped within flood areas who need medical supplies or resources to keep them going.

There is always time to consider inflatable cofferdams to prevent road flooding. Thanks to modern technology, extreme weather events are becoming easier to predict, so the time available for preparation is a much bigger window than it was a couple of decades ago. Because inflatable cofferdams are so cost-effective and easy to install, they will allow cities to be prepared for flooding without eating too much into budgets and labor costs. Being prepared is the key.

If you would like to learn more about inflatable cofferdams and how they can help prevent roads from flooding, please get in touch with Dam-It-Dams.  We have years of experience in providing inflatable cofferdams for flood protection and water diversion and containment needs. For a free cofferdam quote or to speak to a knowledgeable team member, contact us at (810) 695-1695 or online here.

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