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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Water Inflated Cofferdams

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Water Inflated Cofferdams

If you have a problem with repeated water intrusion from natural or artificial sources, of if you want to remove water from a specific area and you need to prevent water flow while you are doing so, then you may want to consider the solution of a water inflated cofferdam.

For years, people in such situations would have to rely upon constructing a dam using sandbags. Sandbags are relatively cheap in themselves, but to create a dam with enough strength to hold back water, a lot of sandbags would typically be required. In addition to this, sandbags are heavy so transporting them to the site where they were required was difficult and expensive, as was moving them into position.

Forget Sandbags – The Best Option is Now a Water Inflated Cofferdam

Happily, a much more efficient alternative to sandbags now exists – a water inflated cofferdam. Not only are such dams effective, they are also extremely cost effective. They are easy to install, portable and reusable. Once purchased, you can use your water inflated cofferdam time and time again as necessity dictates.

However, not all water inflated cofferdams are as decent as they can possibly be. Before you make your purchase of a water inflated cofferdam, there are some questions that you need to ask.

Is it Truly Reusable?

One of the biggest selling points of any water inflated cofferdam is the reuse factor, however you must learn how flexible your cofferdam is likely to be before you take the plunge and make a purchase. If you have a wide range of water-damming needs, then you need a cofferdam that is truly flexible.

How Easy is the Cofferdam to Install?

You’ll want to install the cofferdam yourself as much as possible. Projects may be held up if you need to make arrangements in order for someone to come out and complete the installation for you. Make sure you are comfortable with the installation process. Should you have any questions about the cofferdam installation process, feel free to reach out to our team and we can offer assistance.

What Are Cofferdams Manufactured From?

Cofferdams need to be tough and durable. If your cofferdam is made from inadequate materials, then it will not perform as you want it to. The best cofferdams are those made using industrial grade vinyl coated polyester which is the materials we use here at Dam-It-Dams.

If you want the services of a world class provider of water-filled cofferdams, then look no further than Dam-It-Dams. No matter your project, we can provide you with a solution that’s so exact, you’d swear it was tailor-made. To learn more, please give us a call at 810-695-1695 or use the online contact form that’s available on our website.

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