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Reviving Aging Bridges: How Inflatable Cofferdams Facilitate Efficient and Cost-Effective Repairs

Reviving Aging Bridges: How Inflatable Cofferdams Facilitate Efficient and Cost-Effective Repairs

With aging infrastructure becoming increasingly common throughout the United States, there has never been a more crucial time for wide-ranging bridge repairs. However, such endeavors can be dangerous, costly, and potentially impact the environment negatively. Yet, inflatable cofferdams can help. How so? Read on to find out.

Inflatable Cofferdams Offer Unique Versatility And Safety

When considering safety, the word inflatable is not commonly the one that comes to mind, but in the case of cofferdams, there is no better option. While traditional methods, like concrete or earthen barriers, work fine, they could be better in many ways. Inflatable cofferdams, on the other hand, bring to the forefront centuries of cofferdam technology and prioritize their versatility and safety over everything.

Inflatable cofferdams function by inflating with water, creating a sturdy and durable damming option that, despite its heavy weight, evenly distributes water pressure along the entirety of the structure. They are strong enough to withstand flooding and hurricane-force weather while maintaining their damming capabilities. Moreover, due to the innovative collars of the cofferdams used by Dam-It-Dams, our inflatable cofferdams can be seamlessly connected, creating a single wide-ranging barrier set up in hours, lessening the overall risk to workers.

Saving You Time And Money With Portable Cofferdams

Specifically for bridge repairs, time is money, as the longer a bridge is out, the more it can cost you and the customer. Therefore, an inflatable cofferdam is a simple solution thanks to its quick setup, take down, and reusability. There is no need to make repeated investments in materials and labor when utilizing an inflatable cofferdam, which can be set up in just a few hours and removed just as quickly to be reset at another site up the road or across the state.

Minimize Your Environmental Impact With Inflatable Cofferdams

There will always be some environmental impact when considering damming, as stopping the natural water flow will inevitably affect the surrounding area. Thus, you will want to do your best to minimize the impact, as damming is necessary for many types of bridge repair. Sure, you can use overhanging equipment, but then you are trading impact for risk, pushing the issue rather than confronting it. That is where inflatable cofferdams come in handy. Unlike traditional damming methods, inflatable dams do not require adding foreign materials to the ecosystem, like sand and concrete, which are the most common ecological offenders. Instead, due to its transitory nature, an inflatable cofferdam accomplishes the required damming, providing a safe and dry repair environment without any long-term side effects. Once an inflatable cofferdam is removed after work is complete, the only impact is a mild disruption to the soil from where the cofferdam sat, making them the only environmentally friendly damming option available. Additionally, inflatable cofferdams are recyclable, meaning that even after its lifecycle, the cofferdam can be repurposed rather than going to waste and causing further pollution to an already imbalanced world climate.

Dam-It-Dams Is Your Premier Supplier For Inflatable Cofferdams Throughout the US

Our inflatable cofferdams have been used throughout the US for many construction projects, including bridge construction and repair. To learn more about what an inflatable cofferdam can do for you or general tips on their usage, check out some of the articles on our regularly updated blog. For a free consultation and inflatable cofferdam quote tailored to fit your project, be it large or small, call us at 810-695-1695todayor fill out our online contact form today.

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