Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Wetlands Preservation Stockbridge, MI #1

Wetlands Preservation Stockbridge, MI #1

Wetlands Protection- Location: Stockbridge, MI

Cofferdam Size: 4′ high x 120′ long

Water Depth: 3′

Installation Time: 3.5 hours

Project Description: Repair break in gas main


Wetland protection is a vital concern. When a project site is located in a wetland, unique equipment is often needed to protect the area from further damage while allowing work to proceed. Cofferdams may be the best and first option.

Made of industrial strength woven geotextile materials, Dam-It Dams cofferdams can hold back water during the project to make for a safe environment while virtually leaving no footprint when the cofferdams are removed.

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