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The Advantages of Inflatable Cofferdams for Flood Control and Disaster Relief

The Advantages of Inflatable Cofferdams for Flood Control and Disaster Relief

Property damage, flooding of work sites, and destruction of infrastructure are some of the most prominent issues with flooding disasters. However, portable cofferdams can help mitigate risk and provide a protective force for structures and work for crews in a disaster scenario. An inflatable dam is the most environmentally friendly and accessible damming option to construct when considering flood control and disaster relief. Inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams are resilient and robust tools that provide numerous benefits when dealing with damaging storms or other disasters. They are reusable, portable, non-permanent, and can be set up in a few hours with a small specialized crew. Here we will explore a more detailed breakdown of the numerous benefits of inflatable cofferdams.

Resilient And Powerful

Are you worried about how strong a cofferdam may be and how well it can handle a large water displacement? There is no need to worry, as an inflatable cofferdam is a resilient and flexible option with the following benefits:

  • Strong Materials- Dam-It-Dams portable cofferdams are constructed of an industrial-strength geotextile that can handle incredible pressures. However, unfilled cofferdams are incredibly lightweight for their size and durability.
  • Reconfigurable- An inflatable cofferdam can be tailored to fit specific standards and can stand up to depths of over 12 ft of water.
  • Filled With Water- While seemingly counterproductive, a cofferdam works by being filled with the water it is blocking. This creates a tremendously heavy object that can withstand winds and powerful storm surges.

Portability And Ease Of Access

Inflatable cofferdams are, by their nature, quickly moved to and from work sites or locations that are vulnerable to flooding. Further, inflatable cofferdams can connect to one another, creating a large area of protection from water intrusion. In a disaster or flooding scenario, the portability of a cofferdam allows even flash floods to be combated with minimal risk.

Environmental Protection With Inflatable Cofferdams, Better Than The Competition

Traditionally constructed cofferdams are often permanent and can devastate the ecology of an area. Most permanent dams are built of wood or cement and are difficult to remove and interrupt the movement of plants and aquatic creatures along waterways. Conversely, inflatable cofferdams fix these problems by being able to be placed right before or during a disaster event, then removed once repairs are finished. Furthermore, thanks to the materials in inflatable dams, there is little risk of toxic chemicals entering water supplies, while other materials can slowly degrade and leak chemicals into the waters.

Safety Of Cofferdams

While any anti-water intrusion intervention method has inherent risks, inflatable cofferdams are among the safest options. When setting up a portable dam, crews spend minimal time in the water and don’t need expensive equipment to inflate.

Long Term Protection

Portable cofferdams can be purchased from Dam-It-Dams or rented on a per-use basis. When purchasing an inflatable dam, you can ensure that it can be deployed in a matter of hours and then reused for future floods or disaster events. Cofferdams come in different sizes, and you can have multiple portable cofferdams for deeper or shallower flooding to help ensure you are prepared for any situation.

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