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Three Major Storm Occurrences This Week

Three Major Storm Occurrences This Week

Hurricane Hector, located in the Pacific Ocean, south of Big Island in Hawaii was classified as a category 3 hurricane, according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. High surf and windy conditions resulted on Big Island accompanied by occasional periods of rain.
Hector was classified as a category 3 on Wednesday, and maintains its intensity, a total of over seven full and consecutive days, nearly eight- making it the longest sustained category 3 hurricane in the Pacific Basin on record. 1984’s hurricane Norbert is now in second place (at seven days) to Hector’s uninterrupted strength. Additionally, Hector has generated the most Accumulated Cyclone Energy (also known as ACE) of any northeastern Pacific hurricane since 1999’s Hurricane Dora. The value of the ACE is calculated by adding its wind speed throughout its life cycle.
Tropical Storm Debby has now officially become the fourth named storm in the Atlantic Ocean (Subtropical Storm Alberto, Hurricane Beryl, and Hurricane Chris were the predecessors) . The creation of this storm is an impressive two weeks ahead of schedule according to the predictions. Though the lifespan of Debby didn’t last long, it’s noteworthy due to the fact that it developed so much earlier in the season than predicted.
And finally, there are four notable storms located in the eastern half of the Pacific Ocean simultaneously. These storms stretched from near Mexico’s Pacific coast to several hundred miles east of Hawaii.

These storms are as follows:

  • Hurricane Hector, which passed south of Hawaii and remains a category 3
  • Tropical Storm Kristy, which was over 1,400 miles east of Hector
  • Hurricane John, 1,000 miles east of Kristy, and in tandem with Ileana
  • Subtropical Storm Ileana dissipated quickly after the influence of Hurricane John

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