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Tips for Diverting Water on Construction Projects

Tips for Diverting Water on Construction Projects

For the vast majority of construction projects, a dry worksite is something that’s essential. In many cases though – such as when working in flowing water to repair a bridge – it’s not easy to provide one. In such cases you will need to divert the water as opposed to damming it.

To further expand on the example given above, one way of diverting the water would be to create a temporary diversion within the body of water. Water could be diverted away from the specific area of the bridge you are currently working on. This diversion could then be repositioned as your team works on separate areas of the bridge at a time. This would then enable repairs to be completed over a period of time.

Of course, you would need as easy a way of creating a portable diversion as possible in order to save time and money. The best way of doing this would be with a water-filled cofferdam.

A Water-Filled Cofferdam Will Give You the Best Way of Diverting Water Away From Your Worksite

There are so many advantages to using a water-filled cofferdam for water diversion needs it is almost impossible to list them all. The chief advantages though are easy to understand – they are portable and reusable. They are also easy to put into place. In case of flowing water, you simply put them into position and anchor them. You then pump water into them until they are fully inflated.

The weight of the water will then fix the dam in position. Any water trapped by the dam can be pumped out and returned to the water source. This will create a water-free environment to allow construction to go ahead in as convenient a manner as possible.

Water-filled cofferdams are hugely versatile as well. Not only can they be used for water diversion, they can also be used for water damming and storage too. If you work in the construction industry and are often tasked with working in environments where water would otherwise be a problem, then you will find the versatility of a water-filled cofferdam invaluable.

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