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Welcoming Winter Storm Gia, 2019

Welcoming Winter Storm Gia, 2019

Winter Storm Gia was named late Thursday afternoon with the number of people within the storm warning range passed 2 million (that number qualifies it as a Winter Storm) but has now surpassed 19 million people! The snow began in Denver, Colorado on Friday morning and quickly accumulated over 4 inches, with 18 inches being reported in some areas. Power outages, dangerous road conditions, and wet, heavy, thick sludge is now formed in masses in most areas effected by this new Winter Storm. Driving in these conditions are a recipe for danger, with tires slipping due to the inability to create traction on roadways, which result in cars colliding into one another. Warnings of dangerous driving conditions and heavy snow and/or ice in effected areas.

Snow continues to fall from Kansas eastward into Virginia and North Carolina. Some areas are enduring freezing rain and sleet mixtures in parts of southern Missouri, southern Illinois into Kentucky and West Virginia. Ice accumulation has also downed trees and power lines in parts of south-central Missouri. Winter Storm Warnings have been issued from Kansas to southwestern Ohio with warnings in parts of the Virginia’s, southern Maryland and North Carolina.

It is expected that Gia will bring snow and ice on Saturday evening into overnight hours in major cities like Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Roanoke, and Washington D.C. On Sunday, the mixture of snow, ice, and sleet with freezing rain will be possible into Baltimore and Richmond, but the storm should slide far enough off the coast to prevent snow accumulation from spreading up the East Coast. The heaviest snowfall is expected in the eastern region of West Virginia and central Virginia, and southern Maryland and central Delaware. St. Louis can expect one of the heaviest two-day snowfalls on record in St. Louis.

Midday snowfall accumulations in certain areas on Saturday are as follows:

Shaffers Crossing, Colorado – 18 inches

Indianapolis, Indiana – 4 inches

Garden City, Kansas – 10.5 inches

St. Louis, Missouri – 10.1 inches

Talpa, New Mexico – 12 inches

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